Amazon Prime’s Five Blind Dates: All Shooting Locations Explored

Helmed by Shawn Seet, ‘Five Blind Dates’ introduces us to Lia, a young tea shop owner who goes on five blind dates at the behest of her family and a fortune teller to find her soulmate and save her tea shop. Lia revisits her hometown for her sister Alice’s engagement. When her overbearing mother asks her about the tea shop, which she inherited from her grandmother, she lies about its abysmal state. A family tradition of fortune-telling reveals to them that Lia will find her soulmate within her next five dates, an event that will save her business.

A comedically tumultuous dating game ensues as her loved ones arrange suitors to line up five dates. As Lia navigates her disastrous dates, she explores what really matters to her, and grows closer with her family members who try and do what is best for her while facing their own issues. While the Amazon Prime film takes us on a dazzling journey across the Australian city of Townsville, one might be intrigued to explore whether filming for the movie actually took place there.

Where Was Five Blind Dates Filmed?

Staying true to its setting, ‘Five Blind Dates’ was filmed in Sydney and Townsville, Australia. Principal photography began in mid-May of 2022 and was wrapped up within a few weeks by early June of the same year. Allow us to take you to the filming destinations that housed the movie’s production.

Townsville, Australia

A city located in Far North Queensland in Australia, Townsville became a major filming location for ‘Five Blind Dates,’ true to its plot. The coastal city nestled along the sun-kissed shores of North Queensland presents a captivating backdrop for the romantic comedy film. With its tropical beauty, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes, Townsville offered the filmmakers an ideal setting to bring Lia’s comedic dating misadventures to life. The film crew was spotted shooting on Flinders Street, which runs through the heart of the city’s commercial district. In particular, a Chinese restaurant on Flinders Street became a site for some of its scenes.

Townsville’s stunning natural beauty is made evident by its coastal hills and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. The film crew ventured to its beachside locale, The Strand, which can be seen when the characters participate in a yoga class by the sea. The Strand is a stretch along the city’s coastline in the North Ward suburb, featuring parks, beaches, and palm-lined streets. In addition to capturing the beauty of Australia’s tropical north, the film lensed a few shots in its bustling urban center while showcasing its diverse community. The city has been a hidden gem for filmmakers but is becoming an increasingly attractive filming destination with a welcoming community and supportive local government.

Sydney, Australia

A significant portion of the filming for ‘Five Blind Dates’ was carried out in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. Lia’s tea shop is situated in Sydney, and the city’s Chinatown and Cabramatta can be glimpsed in a few scenes. Sydney’s Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood and a melting pot of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, and other Asian cultures. Cabramatta, situated in Sydney’s southwest, is another culturally rich neighborhood known for its strong Vietnamese community and vibrant street life. The Herb Garden and Pavilion on 1 Conservatorium Road can be seen in the backdrop of one of Lia’s dates in the park. The venue can be reserved for events and is often the site of wedding ceremonies. The property’s botanical garden and conical pavilion became the backdrop of Lia’s date with the mama’s boy.

‘Five Blind Dates’ made history by being the first Amazon Prime movie to have been shot in Australia. While commenting on the significance of the movie’s filming locations, producer Kylie Du Fresne said that the film would be a “love letter to Sydney.” One of Sydney’s most notable characteristics as a filming location is its diverse array of iconic landmarks and scenic vistas. From the world-famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge to the golden sands of Bondi Beach and the lush greenery of the Royal Botanic Garden. Some other productions that feature Sydney as a backdrop include, ‘Anyone But You,’ ‘Ladies in Black,’ ‘Bump,’ and ‘The Little Death.’

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