Five Nights at Freddy’s Post-Credits Voice, Explained: Who Says Come Find Me?

Peacock/Universal Pictures’ horror film ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ ends with a mysterious voice saying, “Come find me.” The voice is undoubtedly from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where several possessed animatronic mascots have been residing and killing the invaders. The mascots eventually team up together to murder William Afton, the serial killer who has been controlling them after killing the children who possessed them. Not only do the three words leave the audience in confusion but also hint at the possibility of an upcoming sequel. Intrigued by such a possibility, we decided to dissect the words that are heard post-credits. Here’s our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Mystery Behind “Come Find Me”

The person behind the three words, “Come find me,” is most likely William Afton, who is locked up in one of the rooms in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza after nearly getting killed by the animatronic mascots of the place, which includes Freddy, Chica, Foxy, Bonnie, and the cupcake mascot. However, the distorted voice that says the three words indicates that the same doesn’t originate from the human Afton. If he is the one who utters the same, the voice comes out through his Spring Bonnie suit. Since he is denied any help by the boy with blonde hair, Afton’s death is more or less an inevitability.

The distorted voice indicates that Afton must have died and possessed the Spring Bonnie suit, similar to how his victims possessed other animatronic mascots at the place. After getting defeated by his own “servants,” daughter Vanessa, Mike, and Abby, the spirit of Afton must be seeking vengeance. The words can be directed to Mike, Vanessa, and Abby to lure them to the pizzeria to kill them. Such a possibility sets up a sequel to the film. Although Universal hasn’t officially announced the same yet, Matthew Lillard, who plays Afton, made it clear in an interview that there’s more to come.

“I just got cast in a movie called ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s.’ It’s very fun, it’s a three-picture deal with Universal and Blumhouse. So, unfortunately, my day job is taking me off to work,” Lillard said on the ‘WeeklyMTG’ podcast. If Lillard is expected to reprise his character in the potential sequels to the movie, the voice in the post-credits part most likely belongs to Afton. The potential second film in the franchise may revolve around the aftermath of Afton’s death, likely following Spring Bonnie’s expedition to take revenge.

If that’s not the case, the voice may belong to Garrett, who can be asking his brother Mike to find him. Afton must have buried Garrett somewhere near the pizzeria, especially considering that the remains of his other victims were found inside the animatronic mascots. Mike may return to the pizzeria to find his brother’s spirit in the potential second movie. If it’s really Garrett, the movie may even serve as a prequel to the original one, likely depicting what happened to Mike’s brother and other children who got murdered in the 1980s. Regardless of who speaks the three words, they do set up a follow-up narrative with director Emma Tammi interested in helming the same.

“Yes, I would [consider working with Blumhouse on a ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ sequel] for sure. I think we would all be really excited to dive into that if this one does well, and if it seems like audiences have an appetite for that, we would be so excited to make it,” Tammi revealed in an interview given to Inverse.

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