Flated Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, camping is one of the best activities to enjoy with your friends and family. However, people who have been camping know how cumbersome and frustrating the tent setting is. Not only does it take time, but the whole process of getting it “just right” seems almost impossible for first-time campers.

In season 14 episode 16 of ‘Shark Tank,‘ entrepreneurs Ken Heove, Monique Keefer, and Ryan Guay presented the Sharks with an alternative solution that would brilliantly revolutionize the process of camping. Flated is an innovative product that makes road-trip adventures easier. Now that we’ve caught your attention with such a useful product on display, let’s delve in and trace the company’s growth, shall we?

Flated: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Flated is a great alternative for tents and other campsite equipment. With Flated you can enjoy the cool breeze and watch the sunset with the best comfort and convenience that allows you to avoid unnecessary hassle. Four co-founders, Ryan Guay, Dan Watts, Monique Keefer, and Ken Hoeve, conceived the idea in March 2020 as a solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want to travel at ease.

Ryan Guay has quite the academic qualification. He is an alumna of the University of Montana, the University of Colorado Boulder, Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, and Fort Lewis College. Ryan began his career as a Professional Cyclist at Dr Pepper/7UP and later at Navigators Insurance. He later joined Double R Timbers as General Manager and Independent Sales Rep at Smartwool and Merrell. He also held significant positions at Boardworks Surf, Stand Up Paddle Industry Association, Surftech, Faction Skis, aka The Faction Collective, FORLOH INC, and finally, the co-founder at Flated is working as the CEO and Inventor at the company. 

Dan Watts completed his bachelor’s from San Diego State University in Applied Design. He started as an Art Director at Transworld Media, then moved on to work for DC Shoes as the Publications Designer in 2004. He also worked at Flow Sports and Surftech as the Creative Director. Currently, Dan is working as the Chief Product Officer at Flated. Moreover, he has also been working as the Designer/Consultant at Watts Design and Consulting since April 2021. 

Santa Barbara City College alumna Monique Keefer has held reputable positions at different companies, including Delicate Productions, Global Brand Marketing Inc, The Greenwald Company, Boardworks Surf, Surftech, and LEUS. She also started her own company, Best Coast Bookkeeping & Consulting, in 2018, where she stayed till 2022. Currently, she is working as the CFO at Flated. Ken Hoeve is the CMO of Flated, with the most experience in the outdoor industry. He is a great marketing person, and he uses authentic marketing campaigns using Athletes, Ambassadors and Affiliates to tell the story of Flated. He is also a YETI Outdoor Ambassador.

The idea of Flated was conceived during the pandemic in March 2020. The idea was born out of the need to use the same material as inflatable kayaks and paddleboards, like the inflatable stitch technology, which would be used to generate useable space on vehicles. Flated specializes in producing inventive and excellent inflatable car accessories. The experts in the outdoor equipment and stand-up paddleboard industries created Flated, renowned for creating the first inflatable rooftop freight carrier and the first inflatable truck topper. The products are perfect for anyone who wishes to have a seamless experience outdoors.

Rapid Growth: Flated’s Expansion Since 2020

Since its inception in 2020, Flated has grown by leaps and bounds. All Flated products have convenient travel and storage options that are inflatable, deflatable, and patent-pending for mobile lives. The business is pleased to be a part of SEMA, a preeminent association for the automotive aftermarket sector. Flated, which has its roots in the stand-up paddle and surf hotspot of Carlsbad, California, only recently constructed an R&D facility and customer support office there. The company is committed to innovation and bringing fresh ideas to everyone who wants to go on adventures more frequently.

Flated aims to provide other travelers on the road with a sturdy and reasonably priced solution to customize their current cars with the countless possibilities that the company’s unique products offer. In order to provide the optimum road-worthy automobile accessories, Flated uses tested inflatable drop-stitch materials in combination with novel design implementations. The Air-Carrier is the optimal solution for lengthy family road trips or a unique present for newlyweds who need to transport a lot more around town. The Air-Topper is intended to be sturdy enough to fasten equipment (or an air carrier) directly to the roof and tall enough to allow people to lie down comfortably.

Different products of the company are listed at different prices. For instance, Air-Topper CAP Small-Truck- FORD Maverick sells for $1,099, Air-Topper- Small Truck – FORD Maverick is at $1,399.00, Air-Topper Mid-Size 5′-Short Bed is at $1,399. The Air Carrier comes in three different sizes starting from $629. The Air Deck is also one of the most useful products that can be stored with ease. The product also comes in three sizes and starts from $549. The cheapest item the company sells is the Air Chalet, specifically designed for pets.

The product is currently on sale at a discounted price of $229 from the original price of $349. Presently, Flated offers its goods directly through REI.com, Amazon and other specialized car merchants, as well as its website. They appeared on ‘Shark tank’ due to their creative product combination. They are ready for the next phase of expansion by asking the sharks for a heavy investment, which would help the company increase production and increase its footprint nationwide. 

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