Where is Flipping Across America Filmed?

On the outset, house-flipping might sound like an easy thing to do but it is no less than an art. It takes a special talent to know exactly what an old property needs to give it a makeover that could subvert its low saleability. Hence, people who are well-versed with house-flipping do find themselves making quite a profit with it. HGTV’s ‘Flipping Across America‘ is all about house-flipping. The show marks yet another addition to the network’s offering of productions focused on housing and property. HGTV presents some of the coziest shows on home improvement, house flipping, and other related premises.

‘Flipping Across America’ does not revolve around a particular house-flipper like most house-flipping series. Instead, as its title suggests, it presents successful house-flippers from all over the country. By doing so, the show depicts how successful flippers maximize their profits. However, there is a competition premise as well. Two teams of house flippers each episode attempt to gain the bigger sale after remodeling and redesigning a property with similar purchase prices and budgets. The twist; the “contestants” aren’t aware that they are in a competition. The series is hosted by Alison Victoria. Victoria is best known for appearing in ‘Wind City Rehab,’ another HGTV production.

Flipping Across America Filming Locations

Several viewers would have wondered where ‘Flipping Across America’ is filmed. It is a flipping competition and thus, naturally involves various properties that are turned into eye-appealing premises. Generally, most home improvement shows are set in one particular region for logistical reasons. Well, ‘Flipping Across America’ does not follow that general convention as its title suggests. The HGTV production is set all over the United States and thus, its filming location varies with each episode. Here are a few locations where the show has been filmed:


A lot of filming for ‘Flipping Across America’ has been carried out in the state of California. Here, filming took place for the second episode. While Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell flip a house in Boise, Jessie and Tina take up a house-flipping assignment in Redlands. On the other hand, in the first episode, filming was carried out in Palm Springs where Lindsey and Eric from ‘Desert Flippers’ attempt to flip a property.


The second episode of ‘Flipping Across America’ is set and filmed in Indiana. Here, filming was carried out in Indianapolis. In the city, Mina and Karen flip a house in the first episode.


Filming was also carried out in the state of Idaho. Allison Victoria hosts Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell flipping a house in Boise.

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