Florida Man Ending, Explained: Who Has the Gold?

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Netflix’s crime drama ‘Florida Man’ takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride in the search for a treasure. Mike grew up in Florida and did everything to leave the place. Years later, he comes back in search of Delly, the girlfriend of the gangster Mike owes money. When Delly tells him about the potential stash of gold coins that could easily be worth nine figures, he agrees to find it with her so that they can run away. However, as more and more people get involved in their plans, things go awry. Here’s what happens at the end of the show. SPOILERS AHEAD

Florida Man Plot Synopsis

Mike is a gambling addict or was. He went to therapy to deal with the addiction, but not before it cost him his job and marriage. Now, he is in debt to a gangster, Moss Yankov, and is in love with Moss’ girlfriend, Delly. When Delly asks Mike to run away with him, and he refuses, she runs away alone. She has gone to Florida, so Moss sends Mike there to track her down and bring her back.

Florida is the last place Mike wants to be in, but with the promise of getting a good part of his debt forgiven, he goes after Delly. When he finds her, she reveals that she discovered a hidden treasure from Gil, who tried to trade it for his life before Moss killed him. She believes Gil wasn’t lying and intends to find the chest of gold and ride off into the sunset with it. But she can’t do it alone.

Initially, Mike refuses to feed into her fantasy, so Delly calls his father for help. By the time Mike discovers that the gold is real, his father, Sonny, is in on the entire plan. He doesn’t trust Sonny and worries that his father will cheat them and take all the gold for himself. Meanwhile, Mike’s ex-wife, Iris, tracks him down to Florida, hoping that it will lead her to find some dirt on Moss and have him arrested.

Florida Man Ending: Who Has the Gold?

A few centuries ago, a Spanish ship carrying a chest of gold coins sank near the coast of Florida. A young Mike found a coin inside a fish one day, and years later, he connected finding the coin to his gambling addiction at a support group. Gil Franco was in that group too. A gambling addict, Gil couldn’t stop himself from going after the treasure. He took this chance, hoping that it would solve his problems, and it paid off. He found the gold, but before he could cash it, he was found by Moss. He tried to tell the gangster about it, but Moss thought this was just another ploy by a gambler to buy some time. So, he had Gil killed.

It was while Moss was torturing Gil that Delly overheard the conversation. When she ran away, she decided to go to Florida and get the gold. But before she could look into it, Mike came after her. She tried to get him off her tail by faking her death. But then, things didn’t go as planned, and she had to let him in on the plan. At first, Delly thought Gil might have stashed the gold in his boat. When they don’t find anything there, Mike starts to believe that there never was any gold in the first place. But then, he finds out about Gil’s truck.

When Delly eavesdropped on their conversation, Gil named a street. Mike tracks it down and discovers that Gil’s truck was parked there and towed away. It is now at the bottom of the sinkhole that the city is going to fill, which only gives Mike and Delly a couple of days. Delly lets Sonny in on the plan, which proves to be the wrong move because Mike anticipated that his father would want the gold for himself. And he’s proven right.

In the end, when all the plans have failed, Moss, Delly, and Mike drive to the place and get the truck out of the sinkhole. When they open it, there’s not a single gold coin inside it. Moss expected this, but Delly and Mike are taken aback. Now that Mike is useless to him, Moss tries to kill him, but Delly interferes. She shoots Moss dead and asks Mike to run away with her. However, Iris has been shot during the showdown at the pier, and Mike chooses to go to her instead.

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A few weeks later, things settle down. Iris is hired by the FBI and starts working with Moss’ sister. Mike’s sister gets divorced from her husband and starts a new life. Clara and her husband lose the motel, which was never really theirs when the real owner arrives. Sonny is in jail for his role in the transportation of drugs through the state, and Mike’s running his bar. For a while, Mike forgets about the gold, believing it was a fantasy. But then, the news on the TV changes everything.

Buzz, one of Sonny’s men, is found dead in the river, killed by a python. The report mentions that Buzz was wearing alligator shoes. Mike remembers that Buzz had been passionate about buying the shoes and an airboat on getting the money from the gold. Because he had both things, he got the money, which means the gold was found. As suspected, Sonny had cheated Mike and Delly out of their share. He, Buzz, and Ray-Ray got the gold out the night that Butch blew up near the church.

When Mike confronts Sonny, he confesses that he was never going to tell Mike about the gold because he doesn’t want his son to leave. It isn’t good enough for Mike, who goes back to hating his father just when he thought they could patch things up. With Ray-Ray and Buzz dead and Sonny in prison, the gold is again there for the taking, and Mike discovers that someone else has already found it: Delly.

Do Mike and Delly End Up Together?

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With the gold, Delly, and Iris gone, Mike has nothing left. That is until Patsy points out that he can still look for Delly. She must have left some clue even if she didn’t tell him where she was going. All he needed to do was for it. Mike notices that one of their boats is missing from the dock. He suspects that Delly might have something to do with it. He tracks down the boat and finds her and the gold inside it. How did she find the gold?

When the truck turned up empty, Delly believed that they had been on a wild goose chase and decided to skip town. However, somewhere along the way, she must have made the connection that Mike did three weeks later. While prepping to get the truck out of the sinkhole, they noticed some water around the gear. Mike later realized that the water meant the gear had been used before. Delly must have realized that, too, knowing that Sonny had taken the gold.

It was a truck full of gold, and because it had been only a day, she knew that Sonny and his men couldn’t have had to move it around yet. What was the most obvious and secure place to stash the gold? It is the same place where she suspected Gil had hidden it: inside the boat. This was great for Delly because she didn’t need to worry about the transport. She could steal the boat and leave. That’s what she does.

She knew someone would come after her soon, and she’s glad it was Mike. When she asks him whether he came for her or the gold, he looks at her and smiles. He had come looking for her indeed; finding the gold was just a pleasant surprise. The only person who knows about the gold is Sonny, and he wouldn’t do anything to harm his son, even if he cheated him. So, we can say that Delly and Mike get a happy ending.

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