Fool Me Once: All Shooting Locations of the Netflix Series

‘Fool Me Once’ is a Netflix series based on the 2016 Harlan Coben novel by the same name. Maya Stern is shaken after gunmen murder her husband, leaving her widowed with a young daughter. Somewhat pulling together after what is the second killing of a family member, she gets a hidden camera to watch over her daughter. While watching the footage from work, she spots someone who looks to be her husband playing with their child.

While her friends and family try to convince her she is hallucinating, Maya is set on delving into an unnerving and mysterious conspiracy connecting both murders. The riveting tale takes us through the verdant English countryside, its serene boroughs and grand structures, the very atmosphere precipitating with intrigue.

Where Was Fool Me Once Filmed?

‘Fool Me Once’ was largely filmed within the UK’s Yorkshire and Greater Manchester regions, with a few scenes shot in Spain. Principal photography began in February 2023 and was wrapped up by August of the same year. Allow us to take you through the specific filming locations identified in the series.

Manchester, UK

A significant portion of the mystery thriller show was shot in and around Manchester, a city that is home to Quay Street Productions, the production company behind the series. The town of Bolton within the Greater Manchester area became a brief filming location with filming taking place around and inside the Bolton Magistrates Court on Black Horse Street. Shooting was also carried out across Le Mans Crescent along Queen Street.

Manchester makes for a multifaceted filming destination for any production, having a blend of modern and 19th-century architecture. Iconic landmarks such as the Manchester Town Hall and the industrial-era mills along the canals offer contrasting visuals that add gravitas to the setting of any narrative. Its film-friendly environment, skilled local talent, and historical significance continue to attract filmmakers seeking a blend of historical charm and contemporary urban settings. As such it has been the backdrop for prominent productions like ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Captain America: The First Avenger,’ ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ ‘Darkest Hour,’ and ‘Bodies.’

Cheshire, UK

Most of the plot for ‘Fool Me Once’ takes place away from the bustling streets of Manchester and more towards its countryside in Cheshire. The civil parish of Alderley Edge houses much of the neighborhood seen in the series. Maya’s modern home is situated in the village, and the real-life location is an architectural mansion that is commercially available for filming and photoshoots. The large estate-like location seen in the series, where one of the bodies is buried with a wooden cross marking the grave, is actually Arley Hall and its gardens. The 19th-century country house with Elizabethan architecture in Arley, Northwich, is owned by Viscount Ashbrook and his family. The elegant historic site is usually open to visitors, includes a cafe, and can be hired for events.

Halifax, UK

The market town in West Yorkshire became a minor backdrop of the Netflix series, with the film crew and actress Michelle Keegan being spotted shooting scenes involving sports cars on Burdock Way near Orange Street roundabout in Halifax town center. The town is recognized for monuments like the Piece Hall, a gigantic former woolen cloth trade center with 315 trading rooms, and the Halifax Minster Church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.

El Chorrillo, Spain

The deserted dry landscape of the El Chorrillo film set is often by filmmakers to portray a location with rough arid terrain. Located in the southeastern coastal province of Almería, the site has prebuilt sets of a dilapidated village with mud hovels and sandstone houses. The popular filming site has previously been used in films and shows like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Journey to Bethlehem,’ ‘Penny Dreadful,’ ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings,’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed.’

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