The Synanon Fix: Where Are the Former Members Now?

With HBO’s ‘The Synanon Fix’ living up to its title in every way conceivable, we get a true insight into the drug rehabilitation program turned new religious movement/cult named Synanon. After all, it incorporates not just archival audio-video footage but also exclusive interviews with those who actually lived through it to really shine a light upon its inception, rise, as well as fall. So now, following the terribly haunting revelations of featured former members, if you simply wish to learn more about where they stand today, we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Jady Dederich Montgomery is an Artist

As the daughter of founder Charles “Chuck” Dederich and once administrative head of Synanon School, Jady (aka Cecilia Jason) Dederich did face legal troubles once everything crumbled apart in the 1970s-80s. However, it appears as if she has since completely moved on, as evidenced by the fact she currently leads a relatively quiet life in Berkeley, California, as a widow, family woman, creative artist, plus activist. In fact, her Instagram bio clarifies this 73-year-old is a “California girl now an older… Friend, mother, grandmother, lover, wife, member, ex-member, student, seeker, helper, poet, painter, dancer.”

Mike Gimbel is a Positive Public Figure

Thanks to the initial genuine treatment plans at Synanon and his own hard work, Maryland native-Florida residing Mike has over 48 years of pure sobriety under his belt as of writing. It thus comes as no surprise he has managed to spend the past three decades hosting plus producing the syndicated educational television show ‘Straight Talk,’ all the while also building his brand. He’s actually the President and CEO of his own consultancy Mike Gimbel Associates (affiliated with an Addiction Recovery Center), is an experienced educator-trainer in substance abuse programs for the NCAA, and is a proud marathon runner too. The only thing he hasn’t and sadly can never accomplish in life owing to the cult-ordered vasectomy is having a family, and that’s his sole regret.

Rod Mullen is Enjoying Retirement as a Married Man

As a Synanon educator, Rod had a lot of power in the 1960s-1970s since the structure enabled him to be not just strict but also outrightly abusive towards the boarding students, which he reportedly was. However, having recognized the mistakes of his past, this Arizona-based family man now genuinely seems to be sorry, all the while doing his best to move on in every sense of the term. From what we can tell, this happily married former member actually retired from the socially marginalized community-aiding Amity Foundation in 2022, where he served as CEO starting in 1995 before evolving into its President in 2018.

Lena Lindsey is Reportedly Based in California

According to the documentary series, Lena was one of the first Synanon members when it opened up back in the late 1950s following years of personal issues, and she was among the first to quit too upon realizing it was deviating from its mission. Since then, it appears as if she has managed to take complete control of her life, has realized she prefers women over men, and is doing her best to build a happy, private, quiet life for herself in Santa Monica, California. She’s reportedly also surrounded by friends as well as loved ones at every turn, meaning she has a sound support system of people who care for her just as much as she cares for them, if not more, by her side.

Buddy Jones is an Artist and Hanford Resident

Like Rod, Synanon educator Richard “Buddy” Jones has also been accused of being incredibly harsh with the kids, but unlike Rod, he was apparently fair, loyal, and appropriate in all his punishments. In fact, per the HBO original, despite his actions, this Hanford, California, resident is still quite close to a few of his former students and reportedly also shares a continued close connection with Jady Dederich Montgomery. As for his current professional standing, from what we can tell, the family man has since stepped into the world of wood sculpting, rock reconstruction, roadway construction, drumming, and community activism, alongside much more.

Lance Kenton is Focused on Working on Himself

Although the son of swing band leader Stan Kenton, Lance became a part of Synanon when he was just a child as he was enrolled in their school for care as well as developmental reasons. However, little did anyone know that by the time he was 20, he’d end up getting arrested for the attempted murder of a lawyer named Paul Morantz by placing a rattlesnake in his mailbox. He ultimately pleaded guilty to the same and spent a year behind bars alongside co-defendant Joe Musico, following which he decided to turn over a new leaf. From what we can tell, he still resides in California at the moment, where he’s doing his best to move on and make an independent living for himself, all the while being surrounded by his loved ones.

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