Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi Are Still Happily Involved

Image Credit: Francesco Totti/Instagram

While there’s no denying Italian soccer athlete Francesco Totti is still considered a legend at his old club, Roma, his personal life is the sole reason he’s been in the limelight over the past few years. That’s because, as carefully explored in Netflix’s ‘Ilary Blasi: The One and Only,’ he’s currently engaged in a very messy divorce battle with the titular Italian star owing to nothing but claims of infidelity. The truth is this 47-year-old has since indicated Ilary was the first to waver by speaking to someone else, yet he was the one to reportedly get into a whole other serious relationship with Noemi Bocchi.

Francesco and Noemi’s Relationship Journey

It was on February 21, 2022, that news of there being significant tensions between Francesco and Ilary following 17 long years of marriage broke nationally, just for it to actually turn out to be true. As per the aforecited documentary, he’d learned she’d had coffee with a friend as well as a random guy at his apartment in Milan back in October 2021, which led to a complete loss of trust from his side. Nevertheless, they were seemingly trying to make things work on their own terms for the sake of their three kids, that is, until Noemi’s name was brought to light the very next day as his mistress.

Ilary admittedly confronted her husband the minute she heard these rumors floating around, only for him to not just outrightly deny the affair but also agree to post a statement regarding the same. In a video shared on Instagram, Francesco asserted that everything written about his family in the past few days was simply “fake news” before adding he was “really sick of having to deny all this.” He didn’t sound entirely convincing to many, yet because the sole evidence of his “affair” was a picture of him in the same stadium as Noemi — not even in the same row — things appeared far-fetched.

But alas, as time passed, it was unveiled Francesco was in a real relationship with Noemi — per the original, there were even visits to her home before he’d formally separated from Ilary in July 2023. Moreover, with the former being a single mother, he’d ostensibly also managed to introduce his three children — Cristian, Chanel, and Isbael — to her under the excuse of play dates or dinner with friends. In the end, it was in October that he went public with their romance, just for them to subsequently walk down a few red carpets together as well as take long, cozy, blended family vacations.

Are Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi Still Together?

Of course! Francesco and Noemi are still happily involved — it allegedly did take until January 2023 for the former to move out of the home he once shared with Ilary, but now he’s with his partner alone. This couple actually prefers to keep most of their personal experiences well away from the spotlight these days, but some of their Instagram stories from this year are a clear indication of their love. For example, on her 35th birthday on August 31, the former athlete shared an adorable image of them locked in each other’s eyes in a pool, accompanied by the romantic song “La tua bellezza” by Francesco Renga.

Moreover, Francesco and Noemi have since also traveled to various parts of the world together — either with their children or alone — to really experience everything hand in hand. This includes California, South Africa, as well as Madagascar, all of which only adds fuel to rumors of them already planning a life together, especially as she was photographed with a diamond ring on her finger in the summer. Yet, neither Francesco nor Noemi has confirmed or denied anything as of writing.

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