Who is Frog on The Masked Singer?

He raps, he dances, he entertains. Frog is a triple threat in ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3, and it comes as no surprise that he’s made his way to the smackdown stages. The performer has never been in any danger of elimination throughout the tournament, as he’s spit rhymes while enchanting us with dance moves. While there has been some doubt about Frog’s identity earlier, we have known for a while who might be wearing the outfit.

Clues about Frog:

Frog has not made appeared in the smackdown stage either. Therefore, the latest clues we have are from the Super Nine stage. Frog tells us that he lost the passion for performing over the years, but is now glad to put on the outfit. As the masked singer, Frog does not need to put on a show. He can be himself in the costume.

Frog is insightful, saying that he knows he’s not the most vocally talented performer. However, the aim is to entertain audiences. Therefore, Frog channels something extra into each of his performances, to make sure the moves leave the viewers spellbound. His Super Nine clue is a knight, which Frog describes as ‘shiny.’ He goes on to say that audiences have been served a good one. He also clears the air that he hasn’t been professionally trained in dancing. Check out the package below.

Guesses about Frog:

Frog is Bow Wow. The clue about the knight just makes it more obvious. In ‘Like Mike’ Bow Wow’s character plays for a fictional basketball team called the Knights. When Group B is introduced, we are told that Oprah interviewed everyone. Bow Wow has been on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’

Furthermore, previous clues from the other packages all point at Bow Wow being Frog. The 1996 Olympics poster refers to Bow Wow’s place of residence, Atlanta. The Olympics took place in Atlanta that year. The first clue package also shows $106. Fans have smartly connected it to the BET series’ 106 and Park,’ featuring Bow Wow.

In a later clue package, we get to see a comb and shampoo. It might be interpreted in two ways. Bow Wow has appeared in a hairstyling video with his daughter. He’s also been part of a failed deal with Micael Vick’s Wave Masterz hair product line. Frog’s second clue package shows a typewriter where the letters C, S, and I, are highlighted. It is a direct reference to the ‘CSI’ franchise, and specifically the short-lived spin-off titled ‘CSI: Cyber.’

Apart from that, one of the most overt clues has been the bracelet that Frog gives to T-Pain. The bracelet reads, “all we do is win.” It refers to a song that Bow Wow did with T-Pain. The song’s line goes, “And they get mad when you win ’cause that’s when they lose.” During the clue packages, there have been shootouts to Prince, and toy soldiers. The former refers to Bow Wow’s song, “Prince of Darkness,” while the latter refers to his involvement in ‘Allegiance,’ a war movie.

Taking all this into consideration, fans are convinced that Bow Wow is indeed wearing the Frog outfit. You can check out a tweet below, where a netizen has expressed some dissatisfaction that panelists have not been able to guess the obvious answer.

We hope to see Frog continue in the competition for a while. Therefore, with more clues emerging, we can assert the guess about Bow Wow being the rapper wearing the Frog outfit.

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