Gabriel and Muriel: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind Brazil‘ gives selected couples the chance to get engaged at first sight and then spend time getting to know one another. At the end of the season, they decide whether to marry. Five couples got this opportunity in the fourth season, but two other people met during the initial rounds of introduction and connected after filming concluded. Gabriel Kaled and Muriel De Aquino Silva took a chance on each other. They felt a connection while talking through the pods, which they decided to pursue further by trying to get to know each other. They shared their experiences with other contestants as they approached their wedding day, providing valuable insights and advice.

Muriel Turned Down Kaled’s Proposal During the Season

Muriel De Aquino Silva had a long and successful career as a sales executive when she entered the fourth season of ‘Love is Blind Brazil.’ Holding a Master’s in Business Administration in Marketing and Digital Business Intelligence from FGV – Fundação Getulio Vargas and an extension in Diversity, Minority, and Inclusion from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, she knew that one thing missing from her life was a partner. With years of experience, the 36-year-old had worked with firms like PepsiCo and introduced herself as an Executiva de Contas for Grupo Boticário.

At 31 years old, Gabriel Kaled had been working as an economist and joined the fourth season of ‘Love is Blind Brazil’ to find the love that had eluded him for much of his life. He shared that he had struggled with body image issues and had grown up with the complexity of his size. After working on himself and learning to accept who he was, he was open to finding the love he deserved. When he entered the pods, he had little hope of finding an immediate connection, but things turned differently. He started talking to Muriel, and even though they communicated through a wall, he found comfort in her. Realizing she was the person he wanted to be with, he asked her if she would like to be engaged and finally meet each other.

When the time came to meet face-to-face, Muriel walked onto the stage, saw Kaled, and immediately broke down. She later said she did not expect him to look the way he did and that he reminded her too much of her ex. Feeling it was impossible to see the relationship moving forward, she decided not to proceed with the engagement. Consequently, both Muriel and Kaled left the season simultaneously, but not together.

Mauriel and Kaled Are Planning Their Wedding

Once they left the set, Gabriel Kaled decided to reach out to Muriel De Aquino Silva, and they began to get to know each other in the real world. They quickly discovered an underlying friendship that came naturally to both of them and realized their connection had potential worth exploring. Muriel decided to give the relationship another chance, and it worked for her. They spent a lot of time together, and since both lived in São Paulo, it was easy for them to find opportunities to deepen their bond.

Soon, they moved in together and found a rhythm that excited them. After a while, Kaled appeared in the fourth season again and shared with his friends that he and Muriel had engaged and were living together. Their relationship only blossomed from there. Kaled introduced Muriel to his mother, and they bonded as a family, cooking delicious crabs together—a dish Muriel couldn’t stop gushing about. She praised Kaled as a fantastic cook. He also shared a video on social media about her nervousness before meeting his mother; seeing it all turn out well for both of them was endearing. Both must now be planning their wedding, given how happy they are in each other’s company.

Muriel and Kaled Have Similar Priorities in Life

Kaled and Muriel are incredibly close to their families, especially their parents. Muriel always finds the right moments to express her love and adoration for her mother, Ceci France, often sharing how much her mother’s support means to her. She feels lucky to be born to her and wouldn’t change that in any lifetime. Kaled, while profoundly respecting his mother and considering her his confidant, is also very close to his father. They bond over a beer or two, sharing a unique and unparalleled relationship. It is evident that both Kaled and Muriel value their families immensely, and their shared priorities make their relationship’s future look very promising.

The couple has been entirely occupied with their work and managing their newfound fame. They are making the best of their situation and positioning themselves as digital creators. Muriel has secured brand collaborations with companies like Brechó Itinerante, a vintage apparel store, and Tridie. Kaled, on the other hand, has been very outspoken about body positivity, sharing his journey of embracing his appearance and hoping to inspire others who feel the same. He has collaborated with Knulu, a streetwear brand that prioritizes body inclusivity. Seeing these brilliant individuals stand out beautifully independently while also making an adorable couple together is heartwarming, showcasing a power couple in the making.

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