Vanessa and Leonardo: Is The Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Involved?

Although the entire experience of finding and falling in love is rather complex, it is also unmatched owing to the way it brings forth authenticity, emotionality, plus vulnerability at every turn. This much is actually even evidenced in reality dating productions such as Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind Brazil: A Fresh Start‘ (or just season 4), especially with genuine cast members like Vanessa Kurashiki and Leonardo Placido. After all, the connection this duo developed over time was near-idyllic — they did not immediately zero in on one another, but they did naturally, serendipitously fall head over heels in love.

Vanessa and Leonardo Were in a Love Triangle

Since 34-year-old lawyer Vanessa proved to be the embodiment of beauty and brains the second she came across our screens, it was surprising when she admitted past romances had left her high and dry. That’s why she stepped into this social dating experiment, looking for a true chance in love after having done some significant introspective self-healing and built a stable life for herself as an individual. “I really believe I have built something very solid in my professional life and with friends and family, but I also want to build something special with someone else,” she candidly conceded in the original show.

It thus comes as no surprise Vanessa was almost instantaneously drawn towards fellow independent individuals like 40-year-old marketing manager Rodrigo Knoeller and 34-year-old lawyer Leonardo Placido. Though she never expected to gradually care for them both even after learning they were from Santos like her, shared her interest in fitness, genuinely respected her viewpoints, and were also spiritual. The fact they were both funny yet emotionally vulnerable when needed also made the situation worse for her, especially as she recognized someone would end up getting hurt. But alas, she chose the latter after careful consideration, primarily because his values and belief system — whether concerning god, spirituality, or the way of the world — matched hers while also inspiring her.

Leonardo’s tarot card reading for her also brought them closer together in a way she could have never even imagined, so her decision was without any hesitation despite her also deeply caring for Rodrigo and appreciating his kindness. Thus began Vanessa and Leonardo’s journey together, with them being open about their lifestyle preferences, expectations, familial planning, past baggage, and much more. The fact they managed to discuss even the littlest of details without ever being put off and respected each other enough to bring up concerns for their possible future also made it clear they were involved for all the right reasons. Therefore, of course, the latter concluded their time in the pods by going down on one knee and admitting he had indeed fallen in love with his fellow Santos-based lawyer.

Vanessa and Leonardo’s ensuing in-person interactions were honestly tenfold of what we expected them to be as outside viewers, indicating they were stronger together in every sense. They faced their fears, continued being as open as ever, and even got intimate despite the former’s initial intention of holding off — they truly seemed like they couldn’t get their hands off one another while still being respectful. And unsurprisingly, this went on even as they returned and adjusted to the real world, where they were surrounded by distractions, work, social media, friends, as well as family. They accepted and loved one another exactly for who they were, which, in turn, led them to thrive without any issues.

Vanessa and Leonardo Seem to Still be Happily Together

In fact, Vanessa and Leonardo actually got married in a beautiful beach wedding in the end and are still happily together to this day — apart from them having explicitly confirmed this during the reunion, there are also clues strewn about their respective social media platforms. First things first, they not only follow one another on Instagram but recently, there also seems to be a gold ring on a very significant finger on both of their left hands. Furthermore, since they’re lawyers based out of Santos, along the coast of Sao Paolo, there’s no worry about long distance affecting their work-life balance or causing a rift between them.

As if that’s not enough, Vanessa and Leonardo’s respective profiles make it evident the duo has since also taken up similar kinds of fitness routines — they’re gym enthusiasts and runners — indicating they continue to have significant influence over one another’s lives. Plus, there’s the way they have recently begun posting about their emotional as well as vulnerable stint in this show in a purely positive light, suggesting they only have good memories associated with the same and don’t regret anything in any manner. They honestly are the definition of an ideal couple. No matter the case, these professional lawyers, as well as rising public figures, seem perfectly happy these days, so we wish them nothing but the best for their future too.

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