Gabriela Barragan From Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Gabriela Barragan/Instagram

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ revolves around the crew of a luxury yacht during the charter season as they cater to demanding guests, deal with everyday drama and engage in steamy romances all in the middle of the sea. Viewers get to follow the crew as they go about their daily lives and even get to witness the work that goes behind a successful voyage. Gabriela Barragan shot into the limelight with her appearance on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ season 3. As with most new faces on reality TV, fans have been quite curious about the new second steward, and here’s everything we know about her.

Gabriela Barragan’s Age and Background

Born to interracial parents, Benito Navarro Barragán and his wife, Gabriela Barragan, 34, is the new second stew onboard Parsifal III. Although the reality star hasn’t revealed her ethnicity as of yet, she appears to be of African-American and Mexican descent. From the looks of it, Gabriela is quite close to her family and loves making memories with her loved ones. She even holds her parents responsible for her success and enjoys prioritizing her familial bond over everything else.

Unfortunately, Gabriela lost her father in 2007, which affected her quite a bit. However, Gabriela cherishes the time she spent with her father and keeps his memory alive through heartwarming posts on social media. While growing up, Gabriella shared her parents with an elder brother, Benito Jr, with whom she had an incredible bond. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Benito Jr. also passed away in 2016, leaving Gabriella reminiscing about their memories together.

Gabriela Barragan’s Profession

Interestingly, Gabriela has no background in the yachting industry as she grew up in a place where the activity wasn’t that prevalent. However, the reality TV star came across a stewardess job while searching for ways to earn money while traveling the world. She immediately knew that this profession was tailor-made for her and wasted no time getting acquainted with the field. Additionally, Gabriella even mentioned how ‘Below Deck‘ sold her on the idea of pursuing a career as a stewardess as she is an enormous fan of the show and was impressed with the way the crew handled themselves on the yacht.

Before getting an opportunity to appear on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht,’ Gabriella worked on several other yachts in order to gain some much-needed first-hand experience. Apart from being a stewardess, she has experience as a deckhand and appears to have worked on several yachts in Spain. Besides, Gabriela is also an advocate for Diversity in Yachting, and we are sure her career will witness even more success in the coming years.

Is Gabriela Barragan Dating Anyone?

Gabriela Barragan prefers to keep her dating life under a cloud of mystery and hasn’t revealed much about a supposed romantic partner. Although she loves documenting her traveling experiences and the memories she makes with friends and family on social media, the absence of a special someone is unmistakable. Thus, from the looks of it, Gabriela is still single and diverting all her attention towards her promising career and newfound reality TV fame.

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