Gangnam Project Renewed For Season 2 at CBC and CBBC

The world of K-pop will continue to captivate the viewers of CBC and CBBC. The Cinemaholic can divulge that the networks have renewed the comedy-drama series ‘Gangnam Project’ for its second season. The filming of the upcoming installment will start in Hamilton, Ontario, on July 18. Romeo Candido, who created the show with Sarah Haasz, will return as a director.

In the first season, Hannah Shin, a lively Canadian-Korean teenager with aspirations of becoming a K-pop star and connecting with her Korean heritage, takes a summer job as an English tutor at an elite K-pop training school in South Korea. Her assignment is to tutor Chan-Mi, one of the institution’s top but challenging students. To win over Chan-Mi and other students, Hannah impresses everyone with her impromptu performances, catching the eye of the school’s owner and earning the chance to become a student herself.

As the installment progresses, Hannah navigates singing, dancing, and Korean lessons, uncovering a surprising family secret: her father was once a K-pop star. Toward the end of the season, Hannah helps Chan-Mi prepare for an important interview with a potential Showcase sponsor. Tensions escalate between Hannah, Sun Hee, and Mina as they struggle to rehearse for Showcase without a leader. After a surprising performance, Hannah devises a new plan and gathers additional support to execute it successfully.

The sophomore installment promises an exhilarating continuation of Hannah Shin’s journey. As she officially joins the elite K-pop training school, Hannah must balance her newfound student status with the pressures of stardom. This season may delve into her struggle to maintain her unique identity while competing in the intense world of K-pop. New characters and unexpected plot twists are expected to be a part of the season’s narrative. With the stakes expected to be higher than ever, Hannah’s determination to succeed and uncover more about her father’s mysterious past may drive the narrative forward, offering fans a compelling mix of drama, music, and personal growth.

Most of the main cast members, including Julia Kim Caldwell as Hannah Shin, Paul Seungbin Lee as Auzzy, Joshua Hyunho Lee as Supreme, Sean Baek as Ken Yoon, Taran Kim as Leo, Kylie Haasz as Mina, Kimmy Choi as Auntie Jiyeon, and M.J. Kang as Sandra Yim, are expected to feature in season 2. Additionally, Kayleigh Shikanai as DJ, Brianna Kim as Chan-Mi, Zeboria as Rook, and Soon-Year Lee as Halmeoni are also anticipated among the returnees.

The show’s first installment was shot in both Canada and South Korea. After the Hamilton schedule, the production may move to the Asian country. Hamilton has previously hosted the shooting of projects such as Paramount+’s ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ and Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

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