Young Dylan Renewed For Season 5 at Nickelodeon

Dylan Gilmer’s beats are here to stay! Nickelodeon has renewed Tyler Perry’s comedy show ‘Young Dylan’ for its fifth season, The Cinemaholic has learned. The upcoming installment’s filming is set to start on July 9 in Atlanta.

In the fourth season of the series, Dylan and Rebecca unexpectedly play magician’s assistants while trying to return a cash-filled lockbox to its rightful owner. Viola teaches them a lesson “valuable” lesson, and Myles introduces the family to camping. Charlie enlists Dylan’s help to run his campaign for school ambassador against their mutual enemy, Ace. Dylan’s decision to cheat while being tutored by Bethany leads to sabotaging her class presentation. Myles worries about losing his bond with Charlie as the latter develops new interests. Dylan and Rebecca face financial challenges while running their own record label and learn to appreciate their family.

As the installment progresses, social media causes a rift between Rebecca and Bethany, leading Dylan to work hard to repair their relationship. Myles has second thoughts after giving Charlie more responsibilities and a bigger allowance. The family learns about being picture-perfect during a photoshoot and tackles various challenges, including participating in a spicy food challenge and playing matchmaker for Viola. Rebecca becomes a spokesmodel, and Charlie teaches Yasmine and Myles a lesson in responsibility. Dylan and Charlie realize the responsibilities of being men. The season concludes with a big launch party for their label, and Charlie gets a taste of running a restaurant.

In the comedy series’ fifth season, viewers can expect more family adventures, Dylan’s personal growth, and fun-filled challenges involving the titular character. With Dylan and Rebecca’s record label launch behind them, new entrepreneurial escapades are likely on the horizon. The dynamics between Myles and Charlie will continue to evolve, and Viola’s matchmaking is expected to bring surprising twists. Fans can look forward to more humorous lessons and heartfelt moments, as well as the Wilsons tackling new obstacles together.

Although we await official confirmation, the cast members expected to return to the fifth installment are Dylan Gilmer as Young Dylan, Celina Smith as Rebecca Wilson, Hero Hunter as Charlie Wilson, Jet Miller as Bethany, Mieko Hillman as Yasmine Wilson, Aloma Wright as Viola Wilson, and Carl Anthony Payne II as Myles Wilson.

The previous seasons of the series were also filmed in Atlanta, the filming hub of many of Tyler Perry’s productions. His other popular shows, such as ‘Assisted Living‘ and ‘Sistas,’ are also shot in the region.

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