Pickle Storm Renewed For Season 2 at CBBC

Expect more magical mishaps on the “Ee’arth” of Pickle! CBBC has renewed the children’s series ‘Pickle Storm’ for its second season! Belfast will host the filming of the upcoming installment, which is set to start in July. Creators Dan Gaster, Will Ing, and Paul Powell continue to spearhead the show as the writers, with Louise Ní Fhiannachta returning as a director.

The first season of the comedy series follows the thrilling adventures of 9-year-old Pickle Storm, who flees her fantastical homeland of Kleftania—a realm filled with magic, dragons, and warriors—and seeks refuge in the ordinary UK town of Middlington. Accompanied by her battle-hardened warrior mother, Lystra, and her eccentric wizard father, Hendrick, the headstrong and determined Pickle attempts to adapt to life on Earth, or “Ee’arth,” as she calls it.

As the installment progresses, Pickle enrolls in the local primary school, Lystra takes a job at a supermarket, and Hendrick gets involved in the local community. However, their efforts to blend in are continually undermined by their excessive enthusiasm and frequent cultural misunderstandings. Pickle also discovers that she has a knack for unintentionally creating chaotic magical events, known as Mood Magic moments. These unpredictable bursts of magic lead to a series of comical and unintended consequences, such as shrinking her teacher, making her best friend invisible, transforming a sunflower into a monster, and conjuring a snowstorm out of thin air. The season mainly delves into the family’s comedic efforts to blend in while managing the magical chaos that constantly surrounds Pickle.

In the upcoming sophomore season, viewers can expect even more hilarious and magical adventures as Pickle continues to navigate life on “Ee’arth.” With her uncontrollable Mood Magic moments causing unexpected chaos, she, along with her warrior mother Lystra and wizard father Hendrick, is expected to face new challenges to remain part of Middlington. The installment may also offer more magical mishaps and heartwarming moments as the Storm family strives to adapt to their new world while staying true to their fantastical roots.

Although official confirmation is awaited, we can expect the main cast members to feature in the forthcoming second season. The returnees will most likely include Kassidi Roberts as the titular Pickle Storm, Donna Preston as Lystra Storm, Inel Tomlinson as Hendrick Storm, Philip Green as Mr. Ludcomb, Michael Condron as Derek, Mitra Djalili as Yasmin, and Rachel Murray as Mrs. Patterson.

Previously, the BBC series ‘Line of Duty’ used Belfast as its backdrop. Other magic-themed projects shot in the city include ‘The School for Good and Evil‘ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.’

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