Gen V Season 1 Finale Ending, Explained: What Happens to Marie?

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Prime Video’s ‘The Boys’ spin-off series, ‘Gen V,’ comes to an end with the eighth episode, splitting the protagonists into heroes and villains. The young Supes clash amongst themselves, as one side tries to destroy while the other tries to protect, though it gets a bit dodgy to distinguish who’s trying to do what. It’s a mind-blowing finale, and what makes it even better is the way it ends. Instead of answering things, it sets up more questions for the viewers. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Gen V “Guardians of Godolkin” Recap

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After Cate kills Indira Shetty, the group is divided about what should be done next. Cate and Sam want to storm into The Woods, free every Supe being held captive, and destroy Godolkin for what it did to them. On the other hand, Marie, Emma, and Jordan don’t want to create any mayhem, but they can’t change Cate and Sam’s minds. When the duo marches off to The Woods, the trio decides to take it into their own hands to stop their friends because they cannot trust anyone else.

As promised, Cate and Sam release all prisoners and are horrified to discover that a few Supes died because of the experiments. They storm out and start killing humans, not caring whether or not they had a hand in the experiments. Ashley and other Vought executives are in a meeting, figuring out who should join the Seven next, when the violence breaks out, scaring them to death about whether or not they’ll survive the day.

The violence in Godolkin gives the young Supes an opportunity to explore their powers and push their limits. Now off the pills that Shetty gave her, Cate realizes the true extent of her powers. She doesn’t feel weak or disoriented because she has pushed herself too far. In fact, it doesn’t look like she has any limits. Meanwhile, Sam sees Luke, who becomes his voice of reason and tries to knock some sense into him. In the end, however, with Cate’s help, Sam throws away all emotions and focuses on just one thing: destruction.

Gen V Finale Ending: Where are Marie, Emma, Jordan, and Andre?

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By the time Marie, Emma, and Jordan arrive at Godolkin, a lot of people are already dead. When Andre shows up, he tries to talk to Cate and get her to stop, but soon, it becomes clear that she is not in the mood to change her mind now. Emma tries to talk to Sam, but he says some harsh things to her, which make her feel small, and she actually turns small. This is an interesting development because, previously, Emma needed to puke whenever she had to shrink. Now, it appears she doesn’t need that.

The showdown eventually brings Marie, Jordan, and Andre face to face with Cate, Jordan, and the Supes from The Woods. Andre renders Sam unconscious using a taser. Marie fights Maverick and uses her powers to defeat him. Meanwhile, Jordan is attacked by three Supes and struggles to fend them off. With all the blood around her, Marie uses her powers to kill the Supes and help Jordan. While they acknowledge that they make a better team together, Cate shows up and is about to touch Jordan to manipulate them, but Marie stops her by unintentionally exploding her hand to pieces. This is when Homelander shows up.

Earlier, when Ashley realized that the young Supes couldn’t be stopped, she called for Homelander and a rescue helicopter. Being the strongest Supe, it is expected that Homelander’s arrival will force the rogue Supes to fall in line. When he shows up, Marie tries to tell him what’s happened, believing he will help her. But it turns out that she was wrong about him. Instead of applauding her efforts to save the day, he chides her for fighting her own kind and helping humans.

Homelander uses his laser blast to attack Marie, but she survives. Instead of hailing her and Jordan, Emma, and Andre as the saviors, the four of them are put in a room without walls. It turns out that the responsibility for the massacre is also put on their shoulders, while Cate and Sam are painted as the new Guardians of Godolkin. It’s clear that this is Vought trying to cover up what happened at the Woods. By painting the four Supes as the enemy, they have whitewashed their own role in the whole thing. But what do they intend to do with them?

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It’s clear that the four young Supes are not going anywhere. In fact, they are all too powerful to be kept in a facility where they could easily break out of. Marie, especially, has the powers, the likes of which they haven’t seen before, mainly because Victoria Neuman stays in the shadow. Now, Marie and her friends are caught up in a Woods-like situation where they will be experimented on. They have landed themselves in the thing they were fighting in the first place, but we wouldn’t lose hope for them just yet.

Marie and her friends might seem like they are stuck in a hopeless situation, but they have unexpected allies out there. The massacre at Godolkin undoubtedly caught the eye of the Boys, and Mallory was already keeping tabs on Indira Shetty, so it’s expected that the Boys already know that Marie and her friends are one of the good guys. If there was any doubt about it, the fact that they are vilified by Vought is enough to prove that they were used as scapegoats.

Another interesting thing is Marie’s connection with Victoria Neuman. They have similar powers and a similar background, which makes Neuman feel a kinship with the young Supe. She secretly backed Marie and even got her a place at Godolkin. We know that Neuman’s connection to Vought is fickle. She doesn’t hold any loyalty to them, especially now that Stan Edgar is not in the picture. She also has the virus that can kill other Supes, and she will most probably not hand it over to Vought. It’s a wild card she’d like to keep just in case she needs to go up against someone like Homelander.

It is possible that Neuman might sympathize with Marie and help her and her friends escape. If not that, then surely, the Boys will somehow get involved in it all. Billy Butcher’s presence in the post-credits scene indicates that they already know about The Woods. They know about the virus, too, so it’s just a matter of time before they catch up with the young Supes in captivity.

Will Cate and Sam Join the Seven?

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One of the central questions of ‘Gen V’ Season 1 was: who will join the Seven? At the beginning of the show, Golden Boy was prepped for that role, but his death changed everything. Marie, Andre, and Jordan compete for that role, but their priorities shift when Sam shows up. In the last episode, Ashely and Vought executives try to figure out the next hero to join the Seven, and Andre and Marie are the top contenders. Ashley even goes as far as to say that whoever kills the rogue Supes will get to be on the Seven. By the end of the episode, however, the situation looks quite different.

When Homelander arrives on the scene, he sees Cate and Sam as the heroes, not the other way around. Instead of imprisoning Cate and Sam, Marie and the others are locked up, and Vought manipulates the news to make it look like Cate and Sam saved the day. Homelander watches this news from Vought Tower and looks quite satisfied with how it’s all turned out. This indicates that his search to fill the empty positions in the Seven is finished. Cate and Sam are powerful and share his sentiments about being the superior race. Unlike Marie and Starlight, they are not sympathetic to humans. Homelander could do with the people on the team who share his mindset.

Vought going all in with the branding of Cate and Sam also proves that they are ready to bring them into the fold. At this point, Homelander is making all the decisions at Vought, so even if someone like Ashley thought otherwise, there is nothing they could have done. They have to do what Homelander wants, and for now, it looks like he wants Sam and Cate on the team. Considering all that has happened in ‘Gen V’ and how powerful the Supes they locked up are, he’ll need them on his side.

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