Are Indira Shetty and Dr. Cardosa Dead? Did Shelley Conn and Marco Pigossi Leave Gen V?

With just one more episode left to end its first season, Prime Video’s ‘Gen V’ throws one curveball after another in its penultimate episode, leaving its protagonists in a very dicey situation. A few secrets come to light, especially considering the intentions of some characters, but in the typical ‘The Boys’ style, a shocking death is the way to seal the audience’s interest for ‘Gen V.’ Two important characters die by the end of its seventh episode, upping the ante for the finale and showing the audience that no one is off bounds when it comes to receiving a gory end. For now, let’s take a look at the tragic face of Indira Shetty and Dr. Edison Cardosa. Frankly, we can’t see we didn’t see this coming. SPOILERS AHEAD

How Does Indira Shetty Die?

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

As the dean of Godolkin University, Dr. Shetty wielded a lot of power, but she was still human. It was interesting to see her running a university for young superheroes, but a couple of episodes in, it was clear that education was not the primary purpose of this institution. It was being used to conduct secret experiments in The Woods, where people like Sam were being held. Shetty oversaw this operation for Vought, but there’s a catch.

Indira Shetty lost her husband and daughter in a plane crash, which happens to be the one that occurred in ‘The Boys’ Season 1 when Homelander and Queen Maeve abandoned the passengers when they realised they couldn’t save all of them. It was a coverup and Vought turned the narrative to make it look like it was the work of terrorists. But Shetty found out and decided to exact her revenge. Shetty knew she couldn’t fight superheroes like Homelander on her own, so she used Vought’s resources to back the research into a virus that can kill Supes. Even though Dr. Cardosa thinks Vought wouldn’t approve of such a thing, Shetty pushes him to make the virus more potent and contagious. She intends to use it to kill every single superhero in the world, except Cate.

When Shetty first found Cate, she saw the girl as the means to an end, but over time, developed affection for her. However, she couldn’t let Cate know what she was planning, so she suppressed her powers by giving her pills, which also caused nosebleeds and unconsciousness if Cate used too much of her powers. When Cate finds out about it, she feels betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust. As an act of revenge and to break out of the hold Shetty and the others had on her, she manipulates the dean to slit her own throat.

At the end of the episode, Shetty looks pretty dead and considering that we see her die on camera and there is no way around it, we believe this is the last we’ve seen of her. Shelley Conn (who recently played Beelzebub in ‘Good Omens’ Season 2 and appeared as Lady Mary Sharma in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2) will not be reprising her role in ‘Gen V,’ unless it’s a flashback scene that takes the audience to the past.

How Does Dr. Cardosa Die?

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video

While Indira Shetty is busy meeting her end, Dr. Cardosa also has quite an explosive meeting with Victoria Neuman. Previously, Marie and Jordan found out about the virus that Shetty and Cardosa were developing in The Woods and hoping that non-Supe and possible future VP Neuman could help them, Marie decided to ask her for help. Even when Marie found out Neuman had the same powers as her, she felt that the politician would help her. And she was right, in a way.

Marie, like most other people, doesn’t know Neuman’s connection to Vought and still believes that she is trying to protect humanity from errant Supes. However, Neuman is also serving her own agenda. So, when she discovers that there is a way to kill Supes, there is no way she’ll let the opportunity pass. She immidiately contacts Dr. Cardosa and meets her in the parking lot alone.

Once she has established that the doctor brought all the samples of the virus and he is the only who can replicate it, she kills him in her signature style by blowing his head into pieces. For once we could believe that Indira Shetty would come back from the dead, but Dr. Cardosa’s manner of death doesn’t leave any room, except flashbacks, for the return of actor Marco Pigossi (known for ‘Invisible City’ and ‘Tidelands’) to ‘Gen V’.

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