Gensei Azumai: Where is The Boyfriend Star Now?

Entertainment plays a significant role in reshaping social norms and fostering acceptance, and Netflix’s ‘The Boyfriend’ stands out as Japan’s pioneering gay reality dating show contributing to this cause. In its first season, Gensei Azumai joined the show alongside other men searching for love. His quiet demeanor and knack for forming quick friendships with his co-stars resonated with viewers, making him a fan favorite. His self-assuredness and calm demeanor were charming, raising hopes that he might establish a meaningful connection on the show or beyond.

Gensei Azumai Was a Great Friend to His Co-Stars

Gensei was eager to meet new people and forge meaningful connections when he entered the house with his fellow contestants. He expressed his excitement about forming friendships and genuine bonds, hoping to find a romantic connection with someone who shares his interests. Gensei mentioned that he values confidence and a naturally fit physique in a potential partner, but what mattered most to him was finding someone with a soft and sensitive side.

When all the contestants were tasked with writing anonymous letters to those they admired the most, Gensei addressed his to Dai, expressing that he found something special about him. Gensei admired Dai as a potential good partner and also found him cute. However, noticing Dai’s growing connection with Shun, Gensei decided to keep his feelings to himself and instead became a supportive friend Dai could confide in about his life. Their bond grew more robust over time, and witnessing their blossoming friendship without any romantic expectations from either side was heartwarming. Gensei is grateful to have met someone like Dai and is content with how their relationship has developed.

Gensei Azumai is a Very Skilled Hair and Makeup Artist

Gensei Azumai is a proficient hair and makeup artist, excelling in dyeing, cutting, perms, and even hair transplants, showcasing his expertise through successful transformations with clients. His proficiency extends to wedding services, where he demonstrates mastery from bridal looks to styling guests. As a dedicated professional, Gensei’s passion for his craft shines through every endeavor, ensuring his clients look and feel their best for their special occasions. His commitment to excellence and creativity in hair design and makeup artistry reflects his dedication to his career and the satisfaction of those he serves.

Gensei Azumai actively engages his followers with makeup and hair tutorials, expanding his content creation to establish his brand and collaborate with professionals. His dedication to learning and self-improvement has been pivotal in his career, allowing him to partner with prestigious brands like Tom Ford, Chanel, and NARS to promote their makeup products on social media. With a burgeoning YouTube channel, he consistently shares new content, including tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks, poised to reap the rewards of his efforts in building a robust online presence.

Gensei Azumai is Expanding His Professional Horizons Today

Gensei recently celebrated his 35th birthday surrounded by close friends, enjoying good food and reflecting on his blessings, including his supportive friends, family, and good health. Professionally, since March 2024, he has been working in Tokyo, Japan, collaborating with various models and even getting the opportunity to model himself for Manicurist, Japan. This experience has opened new doors for him, revealing different career possibilities and directions he can pursue. Gensei continues to thrive and explore new avenues in his dynamic career in the beauty and fashion industry.

Two things that Gensei truly loves are his coffee and his food. Whether it’s a casual hangout with friends or a busy day at work, he always makes time for coffee. From lattes to cappuccinos and espressos, he enjoys a variety of coffee drinks. Similarly, his love for food spans from gyozas to sushi and ramen, relishing each meal with style. For Gensei, enjoying good coffee and delicious food is a way to unwind and appreciate life. Seeing him navigate his life with such satisfaction, it’s clear he has found happiness where he is, and more is in store.

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