Taeheon: Where is The Boyfriend Participant Now?

Image Credit: Taehonest/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘The Boyfriend’ is a Japanese dating show that brings together nine men who are looking for true love. The debut season saw participants spending a month in a coastal town, living at an idyllic villa called the Green Room. Each day presented new chances to forge bonds with their housemates as they operated a coffee truck in pairs, using its earnings to fund their expenses. Through a combination of living, working, and playing together, they got to know each other fairly well and began fostering romantic connections. Among the group members, Taeheon was a quiet contributor to the household work and caught the attention of fans for his unique background and impressive physique.

Taeheon Explored Tokyo and its Surrounding Coasts

At 34 years old, Taeheon was one of the more mature members of the show and stood out even more for being from South Korea. The professional UX/UI designer is multilingual and can speak Japanese and English fluently in addition to his mother tongue. He also has command over Italian, French, Chinese, German, and Malay. Having shifted to Japan in early 2021 for work, Taeheon was closeted and kept his sexuality hidden from his family. It is only through his appearance on the show that the South Korean revealed his truth to the world.

Midway through 2023, Taeheon began traveling frequently, visiting various places across Japan and South East Asia. In August 2023, he admired paintings and abstract art at the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Tokyo. Also known as the Artizon Museum, its exhibits contain works of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists from the US, Japan, and Europe. In particular, the 34-year-old appreciated Paul Cézanne, Fauvism, Cubism, and contemporary paintings. He explored the capital city at a grassroots level, traveling from street to street on foot, stopping in parks to lie in the grass. The designer seems to really enjoy Tokyo, becoming a part of its bustling work culture and finding interesting locations by immersing himself in the vibrant cityscape. He also frequently ventures to the picturesque natural landscapes surrounding it, especially in coastal regions.

With the summer fading, Taeheon visited various beaches from August to October 2023, posing, sunbathing, and making memories that would last a lifetime. One of the beaches he enjoyed was in the seaside city of Katsuura, in the Chiba Prefecture, just northeast of where ‘The Boyfriend’ was shot in Tateyama. In December, Taeheon celebrated Christmas in the Azabudai Hills area with merry throngs, enjoying its glittery decorations, joyrides, and shopping scene.

Taeheon Vacationed in Indonesia

The designer took a trip to Bali, Indonesia, in June 2024. He stayed in luxurious seaside resorts, ate at beachside shacks, entered coves, and even continued to go to the gym while on vacation. He seemed to enjoy the island’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and its beaches with golden sands and crystal clear waters. He also shared brief overviews of the first and second quarter of 2024, with scenes of him at the swimming pool, bicycling through narrow streets, petting his cat, progressing with the ukulele, fine dining, and sleeping on a plane.

The South Korean took part in the Iriya Morning Glory Festival, which is held from July 6 to 8, annually in the Iriya neighborhood of Taito, Tokyo. Also known as Iriya Asagao Matsuri, the traditional Japanese festival celebrates the morning glory flower (asagao), which is cherished for its delicate beauty and vibrant colors in a practice dating back to the Edo period. Taeheon admired the incredible variety of flowers present at the festival and seemed to purchase one for his own home. As the ever-inquisitive designer continues to make strides in his professional and personal life, we hope he finds the love and acceptance he is looking for and continues to have unforgettable trips.

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