Gérald Marie: Where is Linda Evangelista’s Ex-Husband Now?

Directed by Roger Ross Williams and Larissa Bills, ‘The Super Models’ is an Apple TV+ documentary series that tells the story of four stunning supermodels and their rise to fame. Through the show, Linda Evangelista sheds light on her own turbulent relationship with her former husband, Gérald Marie. Given what we do learn about him from her, it is quite natural that people are curious about the latest updates in Marie’s life, and we are here to explore the same!

Who is Gérald Marie?

A French citizen by birth, Gérald Marie was a prominent name in the world of fashion during the 19080s and 1990s, largely due to his role as the head of Elite Model Management’s work in Europe. Marie was based in Paris, France, and represented many gorgeous models, including Linda Evangelista, the iconic supermodel. In 1987, he actually got married to her, and their relationship certainly created waves in the industry. However, they ended up divorcing in 1993.

Linda Evangelista and Gérald Marie

In the Apple TV+ show, Linda claimed that many people did not know what was happening between her and Marie behind closed doors. “I learned that maybe I was in the wrong relationship. It’s easier said than done to leave an abusive relationship. I understand that concept because I lived it. If it was just a matter of saying, “I want a divorce, see ya,” … it doesn’t work that way,” she explained. The fashion icon claimed that Marie was also physically abusive towards her, though he allegedly never touched her face as, according to Linda, it was the “moneymaker.”

“I married him when I was 22, and I got out when I was 27, and he let me out as long as he got everything,” Linda reflected. “But I was safe, and I got my freedom.” In September 2020, French prosecutors opened a case against Marie, largely based on allegations made by four women, including Carré Sutton, then known as Carré Otis, who claims that the former modeling agent raped her multiple times when she was 17-years-old. According to the latter, the crimes against her took place in 1986 in the same apartment that Marie shared with his then-wife, Linda. Carré also filed a complaint against Marie in July 2021 under New York’s Child Victims Act, which was followed by a filing of a lawsuit against Marie in August 2021.

Where is Gérald Marie Now?

Over the course of the investigation against Gérald Marie in regard to the acts of sexual abuse that he allegedly committed during the 1980s and 1990s, around 15 women have come forward and shared their stories with the French authorities. Apart from Carré, he has also been accused by Laurie Marsden, Shawna Lee, and Lisa Brinkworth. The legal case against Marie not only brought his credibility into question but also shed light on some of the unregulated aspects of the modeling industry.

Despite the numerous accusations leveled against Marie, the case against him was closed on February 13, 2023, as the crimes in question allegedly took place outside the status of limitations that Marie could be tried for. The verdict was received well by Marie’s team, with his lawyer, Celine Bekerma, stating, “The justice system has finally triumphed despite the outrageous media campaign that Gérald Marie has suffered for two years. With this decision, it is now established that Gérald Marie is and will remain innocent.”

The verdict did not make Marie’s opposers happy, with Model Alliance (an organization that works against abuse in the modeling industry) stating on the day of the case closing that “Today is a difficult day for survivors. We stand with the resilient group of survivor leaders in our community who have courageously come forward about the abuse they faced by Marie as young models in pursuit of justice.”

Going as far back as October 2020, Marie’s ex-wife, Linda Evangelista, shared her own thoughts about the situation. “During my relationship with Gérald Marie, I knew nothing of these sexual allegations against him, so I was unable to help these women,” she told The Guardian. “Hearing them now, and based on my own experiences, I believe that they are telling the truth. It breaks my heart because these are wounds that may never heal, and I admire their courage and strength for speaking up today.” Even in the Apple TV+ documentary, Linda has expressed her admiration for the women who came forward with their stories.

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