Gillian Messina and David Novello From The Big D: Everything We Know

Divorce can be burdensome as it varies from the unwitting hurt meted out to each other to the intentional actions taken. ‘The Big D’ is an interesting reality television show that invites divorced couples to a secluded tropical villa in Costa Rica. Here, the once-separated couples get another chance at trying their luck at love. Moreover, even if they wish to eschew their past and do not want to rekindle flames, they have the ability to find a connection elsewhere. The USA Network reality television show is hosted by ‘The Bachelorette’ alums Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers.

While some find it difficult to forgive their ex-partner and rekindle, others find it hard to let them go and move on. As six couples on the show try to let go of their past and find meaning in their present, drama and chaos naturally follow. Gillian Messina and David Novello are one of the couples on ‘The Big D.’ With their long history and heartbreaking separation, they are one of the six couples who have managed to intrigue viewers. So, if you’re also curious to know more about them, we’ve got the details for you.

Gillian Messina and David Novello’s Background

Even though Gillian and David have parted ways and appear on the show as exes, their history can be traced back to their teens. Gillian and David attended the same high school. It was precisely within the expanse of their school that the two met and became smitten with each other. Not too long after, Gillian and David decided to take things to the next level.

In 2019, David joined My Computer Career, a higher education organization that helps upskill people for better job opportunities within the IT sector. On the other hand, Gillian has continued to refine her artistic abilities. Both Gillian and David are especially close to their respective families as well. While David recurrently takes a vacation with his sister, Gillian lost her father in 2020 and continues to spend time with her mother and sister.

Gillian Messina and David Novello’s Profession

The multi-faceted impact of the COVID-19 pandemic washed away the deep connection that Gillian Messina and David Novello had cultivated over a number of years. Therefore, the two individuals decided to focus on their respective professions instead. Inspired by her mother to take beauty and glamour one step further, Gillian established her own brand called Gillian’s Makeup Artistry. In an effort to make makeup more comfortable and depict it as a source of confidence, Gillian began putting her skills to the test and started accruing a wide range of clientele.

From weddings to parties to photoshoots with varied themes, Gillian continuously uses her skills as a makeup artist to maximize glamour for her clients. On the other hand, David is also achieving milestones in his career but prefers to keep his professional life and career under wraps. Nevertheless, both Gillian and David are recognized in their industries for their work.


Are Gillian Messina and David Novello Dating Anyone?

At the moment, Gillian and David are not dating anyone. After four years of marriage, Gillian and David decided to part ways. Even though the duo had been high-school sweethearts, their relationship did not work out in the long run. The highly tense time during the pandemic had strained their relationship immensely, and the only alternative that the duo had left was divorce.

As such, after four years of marriage and years of love, Gillian and David decided to call it quits. However, things are complicated as Gillian is seemingly still hung up on David and hopes to rekindle things with her ex-partner. On the other hand, David has moved on and hasn’t come to the show solely to spark old flames with Gillian. Therefore, as far as we can tell, both Gillian and David are on the lookout for a partner and are still single. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that David and Gillian manage to work things out in the best way possible and achieve all their personal and professional goals!

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