Where is Gina Krasley from My 600-lb Life Now?

The eighth season of ‘My 600-lb Life’ witnessed a lot of success stories. The hit reality-docu series by TLC followed the journeys of around 15 clinically obese patients working towards losing weight. While most of them benefited from Dr. Now’s weight loss program, a few lagged behind. Such was the case with Gina, a 28-year-old woman from New Jersey who couldn’t shed the extra pounds despite a lot of hard work.

Gina Krasley: My 600-lb Life Journey

Gina had always struggled with her weight. Having been subject to abuse and physical assault at the hands of her father, she turned to food for comfort from a very young age. When her mother did nothing to protect her and her sister from her father’s harsh punishments like hair-pulling and choking, Gina and her sister used to escape to fast-food restaurants to pass their time. This fueled her food addiction. Things took a turn for the worse when her parents got divorced and she was forcefully made to live with her father.

Having been brutally bullied for being overweight, Gina weighed almost 500 lbs by the time she graduated high school. Eventually, she and her sister moved in with their mother. A few years back, Gina met the love of her life, Beth, and they got married in 2016. Beth, Gina, her mother, her agoraphobic sister, and her sister’s fiancé, all live in Gina’s mother’s house. Needless to say, they all got frustrated with having to take care of Gina. Beth, who is her primary caretaker, doesn’t complain as she loves Gina but expresses her disappointment in what her marriage turned out to be. She also shared that Gina is unable to get intimate with her. She also struggles to perform simple tasks and is only able to take a bath once a month.

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Gina decided to take a trip to Houston and enroll in Dr. Now’s health program. She hoped to earn a gastric bypass surgery. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t approved for it. Gina tried really hard to lose weight and was also put on stricter diets, but her results turned out to be very disappointing. Dr. Now’s stern warnings and last chances didn’t help her case, and by the end of the show, she had only lost 50 lbs. Gina, who had weighed around 606 lbs, only came down to 556 lbs.

Where is Gina Krasley Now?

It is not known whether Gina lost any weight on her own or not as all her social media accounts were deleted, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. A few days after her episode was aired, reports revealed that Gina had starred in a few porn videos that focused on the fetish of being intimate with plus-sized women. After this event, Gina erased her existence online.

Before she had taken this step, some followers shared that it seemed like she might have lost a bit of weight as she used to post only close-up selfies, which showed a well-defined jaw-line instead of a double-chin. She also used to post about the show, makeup, and fashion. Gina also runs a private group on Facebook called Life Crew that features people on a mission to lose weight.

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Recently, Gina became one of the few cast members who sued Megalomedia for negligence, harassment, lack of mental health support, and unpaid medical bills. Megalomedia is the company that is responsible for filming this show for TLC.

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