Gino and Jasmine: The 90 Days Fiancé Couple Are Still Together

In the hopes of solidifying commitment, couples come together in TLC’s ‘90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ to find the right one. Without giving heed to cultural differences and language barriers, couples decide to tread across the world in order to find their partner. The reality television show chronicles the journey of individuals as they map interpersonal issues and work with immigration to ensure happiness ever after.

The series has earned wide renown since its inception in 2017. Likewise, season 6 of the show also brings forth a unique blend of drama, love, and heartbreak. Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda return to continue their love story for yet another season. Naturally, fans have been curious to know where the individuals are these days. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Gino and Jasmine’s 90 Days Fiance: Before 90 Days Journey

Undeterred by drama and in-fighting, Gino and Jasmine returned to season 6 of the franchise to prove their ever-lasting love for one another. After a whirlwind journey in season 5, the couple returned to continue their journey. While the fifth instalment of the series had witnessed Gino sending intimate photos of Jasmine to his ex and Jasmine’s employer, it also displayed Jasmine throwing away Gino’s electric toothbrush and tossing away his beloved hat. Nevertheless, the couple weren’t afraid to reveal their emotions and bring out things in the open once again. Likewise, season 6 also saw the couple facing new ups and downs.

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After the 53-year-old Michigan native decided to fly to Panama, he was met with a disconcerting Jasmine, who said that she wanted a bigger engagement ring and claimed to have lost the original one. Not just this, Jasmine also confessed that Gino didn’t make her a priority over his family, to which the Product Development Engineer readily agreed and confessed that his family would always remain his top priority. The couple was on the brink of separation until Jasmine swooned in with a romantic gesture to hold onto her beau.

The former English teacher bent down on one knee and proposed to Gino with the ring she originally claimed to have lost. All was forgotten between the two until Gino proposed the idea of a prenup. This act once again set their relationship to torpedo as 34-year-old Jasmine felt betrayed and hurt over her fiance’s decision. Gino reasoned that Jasmine is not self-sufficient like his ex-partners; thereby, having a fail-proof would help them start their relationship on the right level.

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However, Jasmine felt that with a prenup in place, Gino’s family would refuse to take care of her if something were to happen to him in the future. To this, the Michigan native felt even more scared and asked if he was walking into this marriage to be murdered. While their issues for finances were worked out in the ‘Tell-All’ episode, the couple still shared reservations about a lack of intimacy. Nevertheless, they walked away from the season hand-in-hand and even shared plans for their impending nuptials now that Jasmine had arrived in the States.

Are Gino and Jasmine Still Together?

Following an evocation of love and affection on the reality show, Gino and Jasmine have been making new strides as a couple. Now that Jasmine has arrived in the States on a K-1 visa, the couple has begun planning their wedding. However, the couple has yet to reveal concrete plans for their marriage. Albeit their busy schedules, Gino and Jasmine still take time for each other and regularly go on dates to keep the spark alive. The couple has recently appeared together for an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Based in Canton, Gino is currently working for Faurecia in product development and uses his skills in the industry to put out resilient and high-quality designs for consumers.

Similarly, Jasmine is also making strides as a professional. Since her time on reality television, Jasmine has amassed a significant following on her social media platforms. She has since become an internet personality and continues to share snippets of her life online. The Cameo and Memmo creator continues to stay in touch with fans of the show. Besides this, Jasmine is also a YouTube and OnlyFans creator. So, even though the couple has yet to release concrete plans for their wedding and life together, it is apparent that they’re continuing to grow as individuals and as a couple.

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