Giovanna Lancellotti: The Burning Betrayal Star is in a Happy Relationship

Image Credit: Giovanna Lancellotti/Instagram

Shattering all boundaries, Babi takes an adventurous journey in Netflix’s ‘Burning Betrayal.’ Upon discovering the unfaithful nature of her long-term partner, she sets off on a path unencumbered by impediments. With no rules to bind her, the demure accountant encounters Marco, a judge who turns her life upside down. The duo embark on a story permeated with passion. However, it isn’t long before Babi’s life turns upside down. Given the portrayal of a woman undeterred by circumstances in the Netflix erotic thriller, fans have continued to wonder more about actress Giovanna Lancellotti.

Giovanna Lancellotti’s Previous Relationships

Over the years, the ‘Burning Betrayal’ actress has explored a connection with different people. In 2010, she was dating Pe Lanza, a former singer and a member of the band Restart. The couple’s journey began through a mutual connection and continued for a year before they decided to part ways. With equally busy schedules, it had been hectic for the duo to keep their relationship strong. In the ‘Selfie Service’ podcast, Pe Lanza later confessed to the negative aspect that the paparazzi had on their relationship. Giovanna was also in a relationship with Arthur Aguiar for a while. However, their whirlwind romance was once again brought under the limelight when actress Alice Wegmann accused the duo of allegedly cheating.

The actress had perpetrated that Arthur Aguiar and Giovanna had been cozy before she and Arthur were over. However, Giovanna later denied these allegations. In an interview with Globo, she explained that countless toxic relationships exist. She further clarified that she and Arthur did not strike up a relationship until he had cut things off with his previous flame. Besides this, Giovanna has even been tied to renowned soccer player Neymar Jr. in the past. Fans alleged that the Brazillian soccer star had cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, with Giovanna. However, the actress and the athlete have dismissed these allegations. With more than ten years of friendship between them, the duo has clarified that there is nothing amok between them.

Who is Giovanna Lancelloti Dating?

Much like her on-screen character, Giovanna continues to embark on new adventures in reality as well. The actress is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Gabriel David. The 30-year-old met her beau almost two years ago. The couple started dating in August 2021 after they were introduced to each other through mutual friends. While the duo has yet to tie the knot in holy matrimony, they still enjoy life as partners and share the same roof. They have also discussed the possibility of children, family and marriage.

Having been together for more than two years, the duo continues to share several milestones in their lives.  While Giovanna continues to climb the ladder of success as an actress, Gabriel has solidified his legacy as a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Haritz Party, an artist management label. Not just this, he is also the Marketing Director at Liesa, the Independent League of Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro. Albeit working in different industries, Gabriel and Giovanna share many similarities. As the Marketing Director for the Rio Carnival, Gabriel’s hands-on involvement has evoked an interest in Giovanna, too. The actress was featured in the open-wing car of the Carnival parade and lent her support whenever she could.

In addition to sharing the parental duties of their four furry friends, the couple regularly likes to head on vacations. Gratuitous for her partner, Giovanna has time and again made an evocation of her love for Gabriel. On his 26th birthday, the actress shared a video on Instagram. She wrote, “(Gabriel’s) love and dedication for Carnival, his job, family and friends, and at the same time his willingness to do 7382 different things in one day, leaves everyone amazed and in awe…You teach me so much!! In dialogue, practice, living together, sensitivity… I never knew loving someone could be so easy and fun!..”

With equally booming careers, Giovanna and Gabriel enjoy other aspects of life, too. Not only are they avid travelers, but they also enjoy sharing moments of domestic bliss with their fans. From sharing snippets of their dreamy vacations to admiring their significant other, the couple do not hesitate in professing their love. Naturally, it stands to reason that several milestones await the duo in the future!

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