Leandro Lima: The Burning Betrayal Star is Dating Flávia Lucini and Has Two Kids

Image Credit: Leandro Lima/Instagram

Ensconced in a mix of betrayal and doubt, ‘Burning Betrayal’ chronicles the journey of Babi, a woman whose unfulfilled wishes take her on a whirlwind journey. Based on Sue Hecker’s eponymous novel, the Netflix erotic thriller features the electrifying journey of a woman who meets a mysterious man. With secrets of his own, the enigmatic judge Marco takes Babi on an adventurous journey. Embodying the role of a man with secrets, Leandro Lima displays the heights of passion effortlessly. Given his portrayal in the movie, fans have grown curious to know more about the actor and his real-life partner. So, if you’re also wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Leandro Lima is in a Long Term Relationship

Much like his on-screen character, Leandro’s long-standing companionship also began in a unique way. Leandro met Flávia Lucini, his partner of almost 13 years, in 2011. The two had first met in Milan at a mutual friend’s party. However, their introduction didn’t blossom as well as the actor had hoped. Much to his dismay, his partner and model, Flávia Lucini, didn’t find him as charming as he had hoped. Interestingly, she wanted nothing to do with him at their first meeting. At the time, the renowned model was actually dating someone else. More tension to the situation was added when Leandro ended up taking a photo of her without her permission.

The smitten actor didn’t relent in his pursuit. Later, he took Flávia’s phone number from his friend’s phone and sent her a message. While Flávia was initially irritated by his daring boldness, she couldn’t deny that the two shared several things in common. During this time, the model was renting a living space with her father, Anir Lucini. Leandro took this as the perfect opportunity to grow closer to her and her family. Before long, Flávia separated from her then-boyfriend and grew closer to Leandro, and within a few months, their courtship transformed into a lifelong relationship. By 2012, the couple had sealed their hearts and moved in together in New York.

Over the years, as their careers took off, Leandro and Flávia continued to support one another. While their intersectional roles have helped them keep up with each other’s busy schedules, the duo are equally supportive of one another in other aspects as well. When asked about her opinion on Leandro’s characters and intimacy on-screen in an interview with Vogue, the model confidently talked about how the artist differs from the art. Despite embodying new characters for his roles on-screen, Flávia believes Leandro is quite different in real life. As such, the couple does not let such issues curtail their relationship.

Leandro Lima Has Two Kids

With more than a decade of companionship, Leandro and Flávia have also welcomed life into the world. The couple share the parental duties of their son, Tony, born in June 2022. Like their first meeting, the birth of Leandro and Flávia’s son was equally eventful. Having found out about their pregnancy, the Brazilian native had initially hoped to give birth to her son at home. With the help of a doula and the support of her partner, Flávia decided to give birth to her son in the bathtub.

However, despite their planning, things did not work out as well as they had hoped. In the end, she decided that they had to rush to the hospital for delivery. However, before they could reach the hospital, Flávia ended up giving birth to Tony in the car. With their doula by their side, the couple welcomed their son in the most unique setting. However, the situation was taut with tension for the ‘Burning Betrayal’ actor, who watched the events unfold in the rearview mirror. Leandro had his heart in hand for four seconds until his son broke into the cry of life. Besides Tony, Leandro also shares the paternal duties of Giulia Lins, his 23-year-old daughter born from a previous relationship with Daniela Lins. Like her father, Giulia has also embarked on a journey in entertainment and has been working as a model.

Since welcoming their child, Leandro and Flávia have continued to dote on their kin night and day. Besides catering to his needs and remaining at his beck and call, they also share moments of domestic bliss with fans online. When the couple isn’t busy with their respective schedules, they like to unwind together as a family. Since becoming parents, Flávia and Leandro have also made sure to take time for each other. So, in addition to keeping up with their parental and professional duties, the duo also like to head out on dates and keep their connection strong. Naturally, it goes to show that several milestones await them in the future!

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