Glamorous: Do Ben and Marco End Up Together?

Image Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ follows the story of Marco Meija, whose life changes after he is hired to be the second assistant of the creator and owner of a prestigious makeup company. Despite his love for makeup, Marco initially struggles to keep up with the demanding job and comes close to getting fired multiple times. With the support of his mother and his coworkers, he succeeds in turning things around and proves himself worthy of someone who deserves to be in the makeup industry.

One of Marco’s coworkers is Ben. He is a designer, and being in a completely different department from Marco, he cannot stay as close to Marco as he’d like. Ben has a crush on Marco the moment they meet and struggles with making his feelings known. Eventually, however, things turn around for them. If you want to see if they end up together at the end of the season, here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Marco End Up With Ben?

Image Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

When Ben and Marco meet, they appear to be very different from each other. Marco likes to wear makeup and pretty dresses, while Ben doesn’t use makeup, and his clothes are never flashy. Marco is outspoken, while Ben is quiet and prefers to keep to himself. Ben also feels that Marco is much more confident than him. This leads him to think that Marco is too good for him. He thinks about asking Marco out but is too intimidated to make a move.

One day, Marco asks Ben to hang out, and Ben agrees. They go to the Hinkle Room, have drugs, and spend a wild night partying. Then Marco gets a call from Parker. Unbeknownst to Ben, Marco and Parker had been dating. Marco wanted more from the relationship, while Parker wanted to keep things casual. Marco only asked out Ben because he had no one to hang out with after Parker told him he would not be available. However, when Parker calls, Marco leaves, but before that, Ben kisses him.

Marco knows that Ben likes him, and the kiss confirms that. However, things progress between Marco and Parker, and Ben is heartbroken when he finds out about it. He realizes he cannot keep waiting for Marco or be there for him whenever he pleases. So, he moves on, but in doing so, he also maintains a distance from the man he has a crush on. Marco also feels dejected at how distant Ben is being and tries to make peace with him. Marco and Parker had broken up by then, and Marco tells Ben about it. Still, it takes a little while for Ben to open up and be friends with him again.

Image Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Eventually, Ben and Marco hook up, and it looks like they can finally be together. This relationship is much better than Marco had with Parker, who wasn’t ready to acknowledge Marco as his boyfriend in public. Ben, on the other hand, couldn’t be any happier. He loves Marco for who he is and appreciates him for the things Parker doesn’t like. Marco, however, fails to see that. He still has feelings for Parker, so Marco cannot say no when the latter tries to mend things between them.

When Britt finds out that Marco met Parker and hasn’t let go of his ex yet, she advises Marco to make a choice. She knows how much Ben likes Marco and doesn’t want him to have his heart broken. Alarmed by this, Marco tells Ben that he is not looking for anything serious and just wants to have a casual relationship. Ben agrees, but Marco shows up at Parker’s place and reunites with him the same night. This marks an end for Ben and Marco’s relationship.

What makes their breakup worse is that Ben continues to believe that Marco doesn’t want to be in a relationship and thinks he can win him back. It isn’t until much later that he discovers Marco is dating Parker. What’s worse is that he discovers that Marco had been dating Parker on and off for the past couple of months, and they got together the same night Marco told Ben he wanted to keep it casual. Later, Marco breaks up with Parker again, but it doesn’t do anything to bring him and Ben back. Since Ben still has feelings for Marco, they can get together somewhere down the line, but they are in a relationship at the end of the first season.

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