Glamorous: Do Marco and Parker End Up Together? Spoiler

Image Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Netflix’s comedy-drama series, ‘Glamorous,’ follows Marco Meija, who starts working as the second assistant of Madolyn Addison, the owner of the makeup brand Marco reveres. The new job comes with many challenges, but it also allows him to explore who he is and what he wants to be. It is an eye-opening experience for Marco, who spent his days working at the makeup store and making Youtube videos. Besides his professional life, Marco’s personal life goes through many twists and turns as he starts dating. His major relationship in the first season is with Parker. If you are wondering whether they end up together, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Marco End Up With Parker?

Marco and Parker cross paths when they get in the same cab. Marco is late for work and confuses his cab with Parker’s. Luckily, they were going the same way. Marco is dropped off at work but forgets some important things in the cab. Parker knows Marco will return for it, so he keeps his things safe. As expected, Marco tracks down Parker to his gym and gets the stuff back. Marco is attracted to Parker but mistakes him for a straight man, which is when Parker tells him he is attracted to him too.

Marco and Parker set a date, but when Marco arrives at his house and discovers that this could lead to sex, he is flustered and runs away. He regrets leaving abruptly and tries to make up with Parker, who tells him to think about what he wants and not play games with him. Eventually, Marco confesses that he wants to be with Parker. They frequently meet at Parker’s place, which is great at first, but then it starts to nag at Marco. He wants to go out on dates with his boyfriend, but Parker seems hesitant to go in public with him.

Eventually, Parker agrees to go on a date and books a restaurant but cancels at the last minute faking a back injury at the gym. He tries to make up for it by getting takeout from the same restaurant, but Marco realizes that Parker lied to him to get out of their date. This infuriates him, and Marco breaks up with him. Later, Parker apologizes and agrees to do everything Marco wants. They go on dates and spend time outside Parker’s place, and eventually, Parker invites Marco to spend the Fourth of July holiday with him and his friends.

Image Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Marco discovers that Parker’s friends are not into makeup and dresses as he is. Marco decides not to be his usual self for the weekend to make a good impression on them and connect with them better. He doesn’t wear makeup and wears clothes that seem regular to his friends and do not make him feel out of place. Parker is happy with this change, but Marco’s friends, including Chad, tell him this is what a relationship looks like. He shouldn’t have to compromise who he is to fit into the picture that Parker wants.

A further rift is created between the couple when Parker becomes jealous of Ben. Marco was warned about Parker’s jealousy by his ex. Still, he doesn’t realize how far Parker can go until the latter deliberately reveals the truth about their relationship to Ben, who likes Marco and wants to be with him. While Parker apologizes, he doesn’t seem inclined to change his ways. When he and Marco talk again, Parker invites him to a party at his office. This would have been great for Marco, but then Parker says that it has a strict dress code, which means Marco would have to suit up and not wear makeup.

At first, Marco obliges with his request. He is happy that Parker is taking him to this party but feels bad about repressing his true nature once again. Marco hits a crossroads when his mother reveals that she has booked the tickets for them to see their favorite musical show together. Marco tells her about his already laid out plans with Parker, but she insists he joins her. When it comes to choosing between his mother and Parker, Marco decides not to go with Parker. He doesn’t want to let his mother down for someone who will never accept Marco for who he is. So, he breaks up with Parker, confirming that this is the last time they have broken up and will not get back together again.

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