Gloria James: Where is LeBron James’ Mom Now?

Image Credit: Gloria James/Instagram

Apart from the prominent theme of friendship that Peacock’s ‘Shooting Stars‘ revolves around, the biographical movie also focuses on the beautiful relationship between LeBron James and his mother, Gloria James. Her support for her son throughout his life helped the basketball legend achieve his dreams and more. As such, this strong woman has garnered her own share of fans who cannot help but appreciate her strength and determination. So, if you are one of her admirers and are curious about where she is these days, we have your back!

Who is Gloria James?

Born on February 4, 1968, Gloria Marie James is the daughter of Freda James Howard and has two brothers named Curt and Terry James. While still a teenager, Gloria gave birth to LeBron at the age of 16 on December 30, 1984. It seems like the involvement of the biological father of the to-be-basketball player was minimal in his life, and Gloria primarily raised LeBron with the help of her own mother, Freda, until the latter passed away on December 25, 1987, when Lebron was days away from turning three.

When LeBron was young, he and Gloria moved around a lot, having lived in seven different places by the time the former turned five. As a single mother, Gloria often had difficulty in making ends meet. Her son was temporarily placed in foster care in fourth grade and missed 82 days of school because Gloria and her sibling had trouble paying for the heat. The constant moving in his younger years is something that LeBron’s character talks about in the PEacock biographical film.

As LeBron turned his attention towards basketball, his mother became one of his biggest supporters, though the accomplishments that LeBron has made to date are some things she had not actually imagined. In ‘Shooting Stars,’ Coach Dru Joyce III states that Gloria was quite happy with him making friends with the other boys and concentrating on basketball as it “kept him out of trouble,” something she, as a single mother, appreciated a lot.

In 2002, Gloria decided to surprise her son by buying him a Hummer for his 18th birthday. Though the gift was apparently purchased on loan, it did raise some questions, given that the mother and son were apparently living in public housing at the time. Furthermore, the Ohio High School Athletic Association wanted to be sure about the intent and origins of the present since any gift given by anyone outside the family, or with any ulterior motives, could lead to him losing his amateur status. Nevertheless, LeBron was cleared this time, and Gloria continued to support him even when her son was suspended from two games for allegedly accepting a highly valuable jersey as a gift from someone he thought was a fan.

Where is Gloria James Now?

As of writing, Gloria continues to bask in the fame and fortune that her son has amassed through his basketball career. LeBron has always been quite vocal about his appreciation for his mother and continues to hold her dear to his heart. In turn, Gloria continues to support her son in any way possible. In fact, she is the Nonprofit Vice-President of the LeBron James Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping the youth in Akron.

Gloria is also thriving in her personal life and takes much joy in spending time with her son’s family. She especially dotes on her three grandchildren, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr, Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri Nova, through LeBron and Savannah James. Gloria’s story is full of struggle and hardships though she braved it all to be there for her son. Her labors have certainly borne fruit, and Gloria herself is pretty famous, with more than 200 thousand Instagram followers.

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