Glow Up Season 3: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Created by Michael Fraser, Netflix’s ‘Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star,’ AKA ‘Glow Up’ is a British reality series that provides a golden opportunity to makeup artists. Each season, ten contestants are chosen to be a part of the competition that puts their skills to the test. Each week, participants must complete the tasks provided to them and win the challenge in order to safeguard their position in the show. However, one contestant must leave every week if they are not able to perform as well as the rest.

In the end, only one person can claim the title of being the season’s winner. The series started in 2019 and has been going strong since. With the recent airing of the show’s fourth season, fans are curious to know what their favorites from last season are up to these days. What have they been doing since they appeared in the makeup show in 2021? Well, we are here to disclose the same!

Where is Sophie Baverstock Now?

The young and talented Sophie Baverstock impressed the judges and the viewers with her exceptional skills. Her victory in the ‘Glow Up’ season 3 was certainly deserved, and the artist has not looked back since. Shortly after the season 3 finale, Sophie completed her graduation from Arts University Bournemouth in Poole, England, in July 2021. Since then, she has been a part of several projects and even had the opportunity to work with Loz Schiavo.

In November 2021, Sophie released her own makeup subscription box that contains surprise full-size makeup projects that the artist herself uses. She celebrated her 23rd birthday on June 25, 2022, and currently lives in London, England. As of writing, Sophie is in a happy relationship and loves to travel whenever she can! You can also avail of her freelance make and hair services by contacting her through the proper channels.

Where is Craig Hamilton Now?

Craig Hamilton bagged the second position in ‘Glow Up’ season 3 and has gone on to have a thriving career in the fashion industry. Currently, he is a makeup artist at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics. Since march 2022, he started working as a freelance makeup artist as well. In August of 2021, Craig worked with ‘Pose‘ and was featured in the third season of the show. He was also able to showcase his skill at the ASOS campaign in the same month.

The makeup artist was welcomed to the L’oreal Paris Fashion Week that took place in October of 2021. He also attended the Milan Fashion Week 2022 and worked backstage with Chanel at Paris Fashion Week in March 2022. Thanks to his impressive social media following, Craig often promotes different businesses and showcases his amazing skills to followers. As of writing, he is living in London, England.

Where is Dolli Okoriko Now?

The third place position in ‘Glow Up’ season 3 was bagged by none other than Dolli Okoriko, whose skills left many speechless. As of writing, she works as a Professional Makeup Artist in her own right. Dolli is known for sharing her masterpieces on social media and likes to share her knowledge through masterclasses at different events. In June 2022, the makeup artist traveled to Warsaw, Poland, to attend the Sephora Wonderland event and provide fashion tips to others. She also makes use of her impressive social media following to promote different businesses and teaches her followers how to use the products.

Where is Jack Oliver Now?

‘Glow Up’ season 3 saw Jack Oliver showcase their skills as a makeup artist. Since their time on the show, Jack has made impressive strides in their career as a makeup artist. Apart from working as a makeup artist, they also give masterclasses at different events to teach others the joy of the art of makeup. Jack also uses their social media to promote different brands and teaches their followers how to use said products. They are also an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and likes to champion causes for the issues that benefit the community. In July 2022, Jack celebrated the third anniversary of their relationship with Corey Crayola, who is a makeup artist in their own right. As of writing, the ‘Glow Up’ star lives in London, England.

Where is Ryley Isaac Now?

Since her appearance on ‘Glow Up’ season 3, Ryley Isaac has continued to showcase her impressive skills to the public. The artist has an impressive following on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares different looks and tips. As an influencer, Ryley also promotes different brands and gives tutorials on how to use said products. In April 2022, she traveled to Los Angeles, California, and then to the Coachella festival. She also attended the Cannes Film Festival in May 2022. In a partnership with Jack Wills, Ryley released her own clothing edit.

Where is Samah Bouchaâra Now?

Samah Bouchaâra has made impressive strides in her career since she came on ‘Glow Up’ season 3. As a makeup artist, Samah was a part of the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 and styled several models. This is far from the only project that the artist has worked on, and her work has been quite inspiring, to say the least. Many of her looks celebrate her British-Moroccan heritage, which she takes immense pride in. Those interested in her services can contact Samah through proper channels and enquire about the same.

Where is Alex Ogden Clark Now?

As of writing, Alex Ogden Clark seems to be quite content with her life. She is still in the makeup industry and often showcases different looks on her social media. She is partnered with several brands and often promotes their products to her followers. Alex also works as a columnist at Polyester magazine and is managed by The Gold Studios. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Alex likes to champion several issues for the benefit of the community and the world at large.

Where is Xavi Guillaume Now?

Xavi Guillaume was one of the well-known faces in ‘Glow Up’ season 3. In September 2021, Xavi left his job as an Affiliate Writer at Buzzfeed UK and soon started working as a content creator on different social media platforms. He has also worked as a makeup artist with shows like ‘The Corwn‘ and ‘Pose.’ In fact, Xavi has a website where a person can contact him to avail of his services for events, shows, or movies. He is also available for fashion and magazine editorials, professional photoshoots, and other collaborative work. Thanks to his social media following, Xavi also likes to promote different businesses and products.

Where is Elliott Banks Now?

‘Glow Up’ season 3 featured makeup artist Elliott Banks, who impressed everyone with their skills. As of writing, Elliott seems to be thriving in their chosen career in the fashion industry. In fact, they had the opportunity to showcase their talent during British Beauty Week in September 2021. The artist also likes to share their prized looks on social media platforms with their followers, who simply cannot praise them enough.

Where is Nicole “Nic” Marilyn Now?

Nicole “Nic” Marilyn’s appearance on ‘Glow Up’ season 3 may have been brief, but it certainly left an impact on the viewers. As of writing, Nic is making waves with her work as a makeup artist. In the last year, she has worked with several magazines and helped artists with their photoshoots. The artist has also been a part of the production of several music videos and commercials. She is also the proud CEO of Disco Dust London, which provides eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free body glitter. Nic also likes to share different looks that she works on and promotes various businesses through her social media platforms.

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