Good Omens: Do Maggie and Nina End Up Together?

Prime Video’s ‘Good Omens’ follows the unlikely friendship of an angel and a demon who become each other’s best friends. Aziraphale and Crowley are supposed to be each other’s enemies, but they end up being friends after millennia of crossing paths with each other. In the first season, they save the Earth by stopping Armageddon, and in the second season, they focus on more important things, like making people fall in love.

Nina owns a coffee shop across the road from Aziraphale’s bookshop, while Maggie rents a shop from him. Aziraphale and Crowley decide to make them fall in love to register it as a miracle so that they can hide another. The season goes through many twists and turns, revealing the true feelings of a lot of people. But what happens to Nina and Maggie? Do they get together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Maggie and Nina’s Fate

Maggie had a crush on Nina for a long time, but she was dissuaded from pursuing her when she discovered Nina was already in a relationship. One night, they get trapped inside the coffee shop after one of Crowley’s tantrums results in lightning which locks the doors of the shop, forcing them to spend the entire night there. Maggie uses this opportunity to get to know Nina better and discovers she is in a toxic relationship. Nina’s partner is possessive and controlling. She gaslights Nina all the time, which makes Maggie wonder why Nina is still with her.

On the night they are trapped in the coffee shop, Nina’s phone dies, due to which she is unable to respond to her partner’s texts. This leads to an argument between them, and they break up. Meanwhile, Gabriel arrives in Aziraphale’s bookstore, and Crowley discovers that whoever is found helping Gabriel will be removed from existence. He doesn’t want this fate to befall his friend, so he advises Aziraphale to do something that keeps Heaven and Hell away from his bookstore. No one can know they have Gabriel, so they perform half a miracle, hoping it will shield Gabriel and would be insignificant enough for anyone to notice.

This trick proves harmful to them because Heaven notices the miracle, and soon, the other archangels arrive at the bookstore, asking Aziraphale about the miracle. They don’t recognize Gabriel because of the shield, so they wonder what the miracle was. To distract them, he tells them that he made Nina and Maggie fall in love with each other. But this poses another problem. He knows someone from Heaven will come back to verify the miracle, and he cannot perform another miracle without anyone noticing, so he and Crowley will have to do something else to make them fall in love.

Crowley believes rain is the best way to do that, as shown in the movies. Aziraphale believes a ball, as shown in Jane Austen’s novels, is a better way. Each tries his method, but they both fail. Ultimately, Maggie and Nina realize what they have been doing and tell them to stop their interference immediately. After the dust settles on Gabriel’s debacle, Nina and Maggie go back to the coffee shop, where they talk about their feelings and what they want.

Nina has just come out of a relationship and doesn’t want to jump into another one so soon. She needs time so she doesn’t carry the baggage from her previous relationship into the new one. When she’s finally ready, she hopes Maggie will still be around, but even if that’s not a guarantee, she is okay with it. Maggie, however, confesses that she will be around no matter how long Nina takes. This is when Nina calls her “angel” and tells her how that’s not the point.

This conversation shows that Nina also has feelings for Maggie but doesn’t want to rush into anything just yet. The use of the word “angel” is also interesting because that’s what Crowley calls Aziraphale, and they’re clearly in love. This means that no matter how long Nina takes, she’ll eventually come around to Maggie, and they’ll take a chance at their relationship. Whether or not it works and they end up together forever is another thing, but they will get together at some point in the future.

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