Gordon Cormier: Avatar Star Comes From Filipino-Canadian Lineage

Gordon Cormier is the talented actor who breathes life into Aang, who is the master of all four elements in Netflix’s live-action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender‘ remake and stands as the linchpin for balance and peace in the world. As the chosen one for this iconic role, he embarked on a journey to embody the beloved character’s essence. Beyond his pivotal role as Aang, little is known about the actor, adding an air of mystery to his portrayal. Fans are curious to know how Cormier navigates the intricacies of real life, away from any kind of limelight.

Gordon Cormier Comes From the Filipino-Canadian Heritage

Gordon Cormier, born on October 8, 2009, made waves as the youthful protagonist, Aang. His birth name, Gordon Kyle Diez Cormier, reflects his Filipino-Canadian heritage, adding a rich layer to his identity. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, his roots delve into his Filipino lineage through his mother, Genalyn Cormier, while his father, Gordon Porter Cormier, proudly carries Canadian origins. Growing up in the picturesque landscapes, he developed a passion for various interests, weaving a colorful tapestry of his childhood. Amidst the bustling cityscape, his family provided a nurturing environment for his growth. An elder brother, Kyle, adds an artistic touch to the Cormier family as a tattoo artist.

Beyond the spotlight, he unveils a multifaceted persona, showcasing a love for music, martial arts, and early artistic endeavors. His affinity for the guitar harmonizes with his skill in taekwondo, reflecting a diverse range of talents. The actor’s journey began at a remarkably young age when, at six, he stole the limelight during a piano recital with a spirited rendition of the ‘Jack and Jill’ nursery rhyme. His early exposure to victory bore fruit at the age of five when he clinched his first trophy in Taikwando. Cormier, a skateboard enthusiast, frequented local skate parks, immersing himself in the subculture before the global pandemic reshaped everyday life.

His fondness for the sport adds a dynamic layer to his personality, showcasing an adventurous spirit beyond the realms of acting. Cormier embarked on his acting journey with remarkable early milestones. At the age of nine, he faced the camera for his first commercial audition, setting the stage for a promising career. The Vancouver Young Acting School became a pivotal backdrop for his budding talent, where he auditioned for smaller television roles, honing his craft in the vibrant acting community. The trajectory of his career is now guided by the hands of Innovative Artists Agency and Ally Copeland Talent Agency, marking a significant step forward in his artistic journey.

Gordon Cormier Has Already Left a Mark in The Entertainment Industry

Gordon Cormier’s ascent in the world of acting unfolds as a tapestry of diverse roles and experiences. His journey commenced with a debut in ‘Get Shortly,’ marking the inception of a career that soon blossomed. This Filipino-Canadian prodigy then graced the screen with heartwarming performances in ‘A Christmas Miracle’ and ‘Christmas Under the Stars,’ showcasing his versatility in emotive storytelling. A significant milestone in his career came with his portrayal of Joe in ‘The Stand‘ in 2020, a post-apocalyptic limited series based on Stephen King’s novel. Playing the ward of Amber Heard’s character, Nadine Cross, Cormier navigated the complexities of a dystopian world with poise, leaving an indelible mark on the viewer’s psyche.

The young actor also ventured into the realm of sci-fi with a stint in ‘Lost in Space‘ in 2018, where he added his unique flair to the genre. Beyond the screen, he has embraced the world of voice acting in a Canadian cartoon series, further expanding his artistic repertoire. As his career unfolded, his voice resonated in yet another animated series, ‘Ready Jet Go! Space Camp,’ where he lent his vocal talents to the character Mitchell Peterson. ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’ allowed Cormier to delve into the realm of chilling narratives, proving his mettle in delivering nuanced performances across genres.

The trajectory of his career continued its upward arc with roles in ‘Team Zenko Go,’ ‘Gabby Duran & The Unsittables,’ and a memorable appearance alongside Josh Peck in ‘Turner & Hooch.’  The anticipation surrounding his casting as Aang reached a crescendo when he revealed his commitment to the role, even embracing a dramatic physical transformation. In a bold move, he confirmed his decision to shave his head, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to authenticity in portraying the iconic character. Speaking to Deadline, Cormier articulated his vision for Aang, emphasizing the need to explore the character’s emotional depths, particularly in the aftermath of the Airbender genocide.

In a lighthearted exchange with Entertainment Weekly, he showcased his playful side, acknowledging the uniqueness of the Airbender genocide storyline. With humor and enthusiasm, he teased impressive air-bending visuals, hinting at the immersive experience that awaits audiences in the live-action adaptation. Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, he offers glimpses into his daily life through a monitored Instagram account, providing fans with a curated view of his world. This personal touch adds a relatable dimension to the rising star’s journey, connecting him with a global audience eager to witness his evolution.

As Cormier’s star continues to ascend, he finds himself associated with Supra Distribution and One Love Skateboard Shop, aligning with his passion for skateboarding. This multifaceted actor, with a penchant for exploring the dark and the light in storytelling, stands poised to captivate audiences with his portrayal of Aang, bringing joy and depth.

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