Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Episode 4 Recap: If You Can’t Be an Athlete, Be an Athletic Supporter

‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ is set about four to five years before the events of the iconic 1978 musical filmGrease’ and depicts the formation and ascension of the clique called The Pink Ladies. In ‘Grease,’ Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy Olsson and some of her closest friends are part of this clique. ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ seeks to view the 1950s (when the story is set) and the 1970s (when the film came out) through the prism of the 2020s, which creates a unique, albeit confusing, narrative.

In episode 4, titled ‘If You Can’t Be an Athlete, Be an Athletic Supporter,’ the girls discover that they are now being blamed for Buddy’s accident, prompting them to grudgingly put their heads down until the storm blows over. This episode highlights what happened between Mr. Daniels and Olivia (Cheyenne Isabel Wells). Elsewhere, Cynthia’s (Ari Notartomaso) feud with Lydia (Niamh Wilson) has unforeseen consequences, and Richie’s (Johnathan Nieves) developing relationship with Jane (Marisa Davila) makes the former concerned about his future. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Episode 4 Recap

The episode begins with the girls venting their frustration about the fact that they are being unfairly blamed for Buddy’s accident. Buddy (Jason Schmidt) is not just Jane’s political rival; he is also the quarterback and captain of the football team. Because of his injuries, Buddy is ruled out of the next few matches. And like anywhere in America, school football is a big thing in this fictional Californian town. As a result, the school paper published a scathing critique of the girls, turning them into villains in the eyes of the entire school.

When Assistant Principal McGee takes away the girls’ jackets, telling them they can’t wear them, at least during school hours, Olivia decides to rebel. She goes to the office of the Rydell Review to demand a retraction. When that notion is promptly dismissed, she asks for the chance to write a response. Even though Mr. Daniels, who oversees the school paper, is reluctant about it, the students working there accept Olivia’s request.

However, Olivia’s response only makes the matter worse for the girls as McGee implements strict dress codes for all the students. It has the desired effect, and the school once again turns against them. Meanwhile, it appears that Buddy and Hazel (Shanel Bailey) have grown close since their first encounter in the previous episode. However, despite their similar interests, Buddy is an extrovert and popular, while Hazel is an introvert and relatively new at the school. And these differences become quite evident in this episode.

Because of her ongoing feud with the Pink Ladies, McGee forces the drama club to perform William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ much to the dismay of the teacher and the students attached to the club, who blame Cynthia for it. As the casting begins, a second feud takes shape for Cynthia, and this time it’s between her and Lydia. Ultimately, when the final casting is announced, it catches almost everyone by surprise. Buddy, who agreed to try out acting because of Hazel’s encouragement, is cast as Romeo, while Cynthia gets the role of Juliet. Lydia, who was hoping to play Juliet, is stunned to discover that she now must play the Nurse.

During the match, Wally and the rest of the team’s initial performances are abysmal. But one good thing that comes out of it is that he finally realizes that his girlfriend is with him because it’s a status symbol to be with a football player. With the help of Nancy (Tricia Fukuhara), who has been forced to dress up as the school mascot, Wally leads his team to a solid performance. Even though Rydell ultimately loses the match, Wally is hailed as the town’s hero.

We also get more information about what happened between Daniels and Olivia. Inarguably it’s the most discomforting relationship in the show. He is her teacher; there shouldn’t have been a relationship. He should have known better. After seeing Daniels with his fiancée, an infuriated Olivia brings the entire school together to force the administration to revert to the old dress codes.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Episode 4 Ending: Will Buddy and Hazel End up together?

As a show, ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ is not without its flaws. However, it has some of the most remarkable supporting characters, and when they get the chance, they truly shine. In this episode, a possible romance between Buddy and Hazel is hinted at. The two characters have connected over their shared love for space and science fiction, and there is a possibility that it might lead to something.

However, it’s equally possible that their relationship remains platonic, with Hazel helping Buddy in vocalizing his beliefs and Buddy returning the favor by helping her come out of her shell. Buddy’s romantic life is already quite messy, and he has stated that he isn’t currently looking for a girlfriend.

Will Lydia and Cynthia End Up Together?

Although their relationship is currently antagonistic, the looks they share are often quite promising. Given what the actors behind these characters have shared on social media, we think it’s safe to presume that there will be a romantic relationship between these two characters in the coming episodes. But whether they will end up together is an entirely different question.

Admittedly, it’s a clichéd approach to storytelling to write the tomboy character as a lesbian, but the series creator Annabel Oakes and her team are fleshing out Cynthia’s character before the prospective introduction of her sexuality. That is definitely a positive thing. As for the fate of the potential relationship between Lydia and Cynthia, no matter where it leads, it will definitely change the two girls for the better.

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