Grimcutty Ending, Explained: What Happens to Asha? Is Amir Dead?

Written and directed by John Ross, ‘Grimcutty’ is touted as a modern creature feature. The story revolves around the Chaudhry family. Asha (Sara Wolfkind) and Kamran (Callan Farris) are children of the concerned parents, Leah (Shannyn Sossamon) and Amir (Usman Ally). When a new internet challenge that seems to encourage young people to harm themselves becomes prevalent, Amir and Leah become afraid for their children, especially after Asha begins exhibiting the same behavior that her parents have read so much about online. Unbeknownst to them, the titular nightmarish creature is indeed after their children. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Grimcutty.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Grimcutty Plot Synopsis

‘Grimcutty’ begins with a mother worried about her son’s internet activities. Meanwhile, the son, whose name is Brandon, gets out of his locked room, and suddenly a monster begins to chase after him with a knife. Brandon picks up a knife himself and finds his mother. Despite the latter’s attempt to convince him to drop the knife, Brandon stabs her.

Elsewhere in town, Asha runs an ASMR channel, though she has only a few subscribers, and her videos garner little to no views. We learn that she has been an active student-athlete until recently, but she has quit the track team, despite her parents’ objections. And now, she wants to establish herself as a social media influencer. Amir and Leah fear that their daughter is depressed and that they are losing her to internet addiction. Their son Kamran, who is a few years younger than Asha, is somewhat of an overachiever, playing saxophone in a jazz band along with high school students. That’s the part that makes his parents proud. Kamran is also a computer wiz with access to the dark web, but Amir and Leah don’t know about that.

Amir and Leah appear to be moderately strict parents, but when you are a teenager, the barest implementation of rules seems like fascism. The Chaudhry family has this custom of going out once a week without any electronic device, much to the frustration of the two children. This week, Kamran’s performance becomes that outing. As they watch their son perform, Leah and Amir speak to their friends in the audience, who are also concerned parents. These friends tell them about the Grimcutty challenge, where young people harm themselves, claiming they are being hunted by a monster.

After returning home, Leah and Amir speak to their children about Grimcutty, asking them if they have heard the name. Asha tries to reassure her parents that she has no intention of harming herself or attacking them, but that doesn’t do anything to decrease their concerns. Asha learns that other young people across the town have had similar conversations with their parents, though none of them has seen the Grimcutty challenge online. Meanwhile, as Leah and Amir continue their research, the titular monster comes for their daughter.

Grimcutty Ending: What Is Grimcutty? How Is It Created?

Initially, Leah and Amir, like all other parents in the town, believe that Grimcutty is a harmful online trend, because of which children are harming themselves and those around them. After all, it’s not something completely underheard of in the digital age. However, at least in this case, the reality is something completely different. As Asha finds out, Grimcutty is the manifestation of the fear of the parents. After reading about it online, the fear of Grimcutty spread like wildfire among the parents. The more intense the fear, the more real the Grimcutty is.

After Amir and Leah learn about Grimcutty, they decide to do more research on the subject. The inquiry into the thing that doesn’t exist brings it to life. And then the creature attacks their children. As the parents can’t see Grimcutty, they believe that their sons and daughters are harming themselves, which increases their fears, making Grimcutty even more powerful. It’s a never-ending circle of misunderstanding and horror.

Asha realizes that the source of the hysteria is a blog by a woman named Melinda Jeynes. It is revealed that Melinda is the mother from the prologue. After witnessing the attacks of Grimcutty on Brandon, she decided to keep him locked in his room. This lessened her fears for him, which, in turn, stopped Grimcutty from appearing again. However, as Asha finds Brandon, Melinda’s fears for her son return with a vengeance, and the Grimcutty returns as well.

Leah discovers the truth about Grimcutty after she arrives at Melinda’s home and sees that Brandon has been lifted in the air by an unknown force. Melinda is ultimately taken out when Brandon pushes her down the stairs. She loses consciousness, and the Grimcutty disappears. Leah and Asha realize that once the parents have relaxed, Grimcutty will go away. They return to the hospital to save Kamran, knowing that as long Amir is there, the former’s life is in danger.

What Happens to Asha?

After figuring out exactly what is happening, Asha and her mother return to the hospital, where Kamran has been admitted following an attack. Initially, Kamran doesn’t encounter Grimcutty because his parents aren’t worried about him. When that changes, he begins seeing the monster. After he wakes up at the hospital, Amir confronts him about his activities on the dark web. His anger, frustration, and disappointment at his son manifest as Grimcutty.

Leah appears and tries to convince her husband to let her knock him out with an injection, promising him that everything will be alright, but this only confuses Amir further. However, she is soon taken away by the authorities as they want to discuss about Brandon. Asha realizes the danger her brother is in and draws her father’s attention to her, effectively drawing Grimcutty. She ends up accidentally stabbing Amir and realizes that the only way she can stop her father from worrying about her is by not panicking herself. So, she stops running and lets Grimcutty catch her in front of her father. Amir watches Asha as she is lifted in the air by an unseen force and finally comes to understand what is happening. He injects himself with the sedative that Leah gave him earlier. He loses consciousness, and Asha survives.

Is Amir Dead?

Despite the stab wound, Amir doesn’t die at the end of ‘Grimcutty.’ He makes a full recovery, as does Cassidy, Asha’s friend who was also attacked by Grimcutty. The parents learn to let go of their fears for their children, having realized how detrimental they are. In her concluding monologue, Asha indicates that the parents and their children need to find common grounds where they can converse about issues. The world has changed; the digital era isn’t going anywhere. The parents must trust their children more. At the same time, the children must not shut their parents out. A relationship is only healthy when both parties contribute equally.

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