Grummy aka Chris: Where is Dance Monsters Season 1 Winner Now?

Ever since its premiere, Netflix’s ‘Dance Monsters‘ has taken the world of dance reality shows by storm. Combining incredible performances with high-quality CGI and state-of-the-art motion capture technology has wowed fans worldwide and made them wonder what the judges actually get to see at the time of filming. Besides, season 1 of ‘Dance Monsters’ also introduced us to several interesting characters, including Grummy: the dancing mummy; Marsha: The graceful marshmallow; and Hammer: a friendly hammerhead shark. However, with Grummy eventually going on to be crowned the winner, fans are eager to find out where Chris Matesevac, the performer behind Grummy, is at present. Well, fret not because we come bearing answers!

Chris Matesevac’s Dance Monsters Journey

Grummy, the monster assigned to Chris, is a cartoonish mummy, covered in bandages with two yellow balls for eyes. Interestingly, Grummy never came across as scary, and his amicable nature matched the dancer’s friendly vibe. When Chris initially appeared on ‘Dance Monsters,’ he claimed that he had never won anything in his life and was always low on self-confidence, although others saw greatness in him. In fact, while Chris discovered his passion for dance at quite a young age, he soon found himself in the middle of a financial crisis, which forced him to give up the art. Subsequently, he had to take up employment at a museum even if it went against his wishes, and since the job required long hours, Chris could not work towards his goal of becoming a professional dancer. Nevertheless, things began to look up after Netflix invited him to compete in ‘Dance Monsters’ and Chris was only too happy to grab the life-changing opportunity.

Once on the show, Chris wowed the judges with his incredible talent and style. Apart from being pretty proficient in all forms of dance, he was technically gifted and could pull off difficult and dangerous stunts with ease. Naturally, the judges appreciated the quality and specified that although many could pull off such stunts, Chris was one of the few who was able to string them together into a fantastic performance.

In the semi-finals, each contestant was given a different superpower, and Chris got the ability to grow into a supersized version of himself. His take on the power was also pretty unique, but the judges, who expected nothing but the best at such a point in the competition, weren’t impressed. Although they went on to claim that Chris could have done better, they eventually allowed him into the top four as they knew he had something better up his sleeve. Hence, Chris stepped his game up in the finals and put on a choreography in which he lived his dream of starring in his own movie. The performance easily put him into the top two, and after beating Tyler, aka Chester, in the final dance-off, Chris was crowned the winner.

Chris Matesevac is Pursuing a Career in Dance Today

While on the show, Chris talked about his experience and mentioned that Grummy helped him embrace his unique qualities and develop a sense of self-confidence. Besides, he was also excited about the prize money, as it would help him focus on a career as a professional dancer. At present, Chris resides in New York City, New York, and from the looks of it, has put the museum job in his rear-view mirror. Moreover, while he is currently pursuing a career in dance, Chris mentioned that he had numerous plans for exploring new styles and could not wait to share his ideas with the world. Readers would also be delighted to know that the professional dancer is happily engaged to Christine Sienicki and wants to use his fame as a platform to help others achieve their dreams. It is incredible to witness Chris’s success, and we hope happiness never eludes him in the future.

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