Dance Monsters Season 1: Where is the Cast Now?

A dance reality show like no other, the contestants in Netflix’s ‘Dance Monsters‘ perform offstage while state-of-the-art motion capture technology mirrors their move onto colorful and dynamic CGI monsters. While the identities are kept hidden until a contestant is eliminated, ‘Dance Monsters’ season 1 introduced us to fascinating characters, like Grummy: the mummy with incredible moves, the ever-graceful marshmallow: Marsha, and the fun-loving hammerhead shark: Hammer. Nevertheless, with the season now behind us, let’s catch up with the contestants and find out where they are at present, shall we?

Where Is Najah Brown aka Flame Now?

Najah mentioned that before coming onto the show, she could never understand the greatness others saw in her. However, Flame helped her embrace confidence and taught her that she could exhibit her strength through power and vulnerability. Hence, after getting eliminated in episode 7, Najah stated that she would keep a bit of Flame in her forever, as the monster helped her become a better version of herself.

While Najah was well known as a dancer and had even auditioned as a backup dancer for famous music artists, her experience on ‘Dance Monster’ encouraged her to follow the route of a professional. Hence, once filming wrapped, she returned to her hometown, London, and is now busy honing her dancing skills. Besides, Najah has built a wonderful life for herself surrounded by her loved ones; we wish her the best for the years to come.

Where Is Kevin Medlin aka Beti Now?

Kevin wowed the judges with his performances as Beti and claimed that while he always used to compare himself with others on the stage, the latter taught him to embrace his specialty and see the power in his unique abilities. Although his efforts fell short in the semi-final and he did not make the top four, the judges were impressed with his skills and encouraged him to hone them further.

While Kevin presently prefers to maintain a limited presence on social media, he stated that since leaving ‘Dance Monsters’ he has been exploring different types of dances and challenging himself to develop new skills. Besides, he is currently focusing on contemporary dance and ballet and is excited to use those as stepping stones into the next stage of his career.

Where Is Harvey Bass aka Hammer Now?

Interestingly, Harvey was famous even before appearing on ‘Dance Monsters’ due to a TikTok dance video he filmed at 16 going viral, earning him millions of fans online. Just 18, when filming the show, he impressed the judges with his talent, and they agreed that he was evolving into a professional dancer from an amateur one.

Once filming wrapped, Harvey returned to the United Kingdom and is currently busy exploring different styles and learning new skills. Moreover, besides uploading incredible dance videos on social media, Harvey loves to share the beautiful memories he makes with his loved ones. We hope he remains happy for the years to come.

Where Is Taryn Shulak aka Marsha Now?

A graceful and talented dancer, Taryn took the stage by storm and proved her worth through every performance. In fact, Lele Pons, one of the judges, was moved to tears at Marsha’s semi-final performance. Even though she was eliminated in episode 7, she received a thunderous standing ovation from the viewers in the studio. Readers would be interested to know that Taryn, a Florida resident, is happily married to Jeff Shulak, and the two are proud parents to their beautiful daughter, Blakey.

On top of it, the former Miami Heat Dancer runs a dance academy and has several young students learning under her. While on the show, Taryn mentioned that one of her main reasons for competing was to show her daughter and students that one must never give up on their dreams. From the looks of it, she and her family currently reside in Florida, and we wish them all the happiness for the years to come.

Where Is Tyler O’Hara aka Chester Now?

When Tyler first came on the show, he introduced himself as a football player and claimed he did not know whether to choose the sport or dance as his future career. He even stated that he always felt like an outcast in the dance world and talked about his dream of performing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Unsurprisingly, Tyler’s performances soon spoke for himself, and he could breeze into the top two before being eliminated as the runners-up after an intense dance-off.

Tyler was still a university student at the time of filming, but he has since graduated with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of Waldorf. Besides, he insisted that ‘Dance Monsters’ helped him realize his passion for dance. After choosing to travel the path of a professional dancer, he currently works as a teacher and choreographer at the studio he grew up in. Besides, readers would also be glad to know that Tyler is in a beautiful relationship with Lexi Helton.

Where Is Chris Matesevac aka Grummy Now?

From the beginning, the performer behind Grummy seemed to have a larger-than-life personality, endearing him to fans. Meanwhile, the judges were bowled over by his incredible skill and mentioned that Grummy, AKA Chris, was one of the few who knew how to perform crazy dance moves and string them together into a complete performance. Hence, to no one’s surprise, he aced the final dance-off as Grummy and was crowned the winner of ‘Dance Monsters.’

On the show, Chris revealed that although he was always enthusiastic about dancing, financial difficulties forced him to give up his passion and find employment at a museum. Nevertheless, the prize money from ‘Dance Monsters’ helped him reconnect with his dreams, and he mentioned that he would not return to the museum anytime soon.

Chris currently resides in New York City and is happily engaged to Christine Sienicki. Moreover, he has already started his journey toward becoming a professional dancer and stated that he would use his platform to help others chase their passions. It is inspiring to witness Chris living his dream, and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

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