GW Glove Wrap on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

Simplifying a meticulously long procedure, 8-year-old entrepreneur Gavin Batarse asks for a life-changing investment in season 15, episode 3 of ‘Shark Tank.’ The process of breaking in gloves isn’t just time-consuming but also requires precision. Since a slight mistake can impact the glove’s life, it isn’t unordinary for baseball, hockey, and softball athletes to employ different methods. With this predicament in mind, GW Glove Wrap offers a unique solution to players by giving them a one-stop solution for breaking into their gloves. Their game-changing innovation led us to wonder more about the company’s growth. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

GW Glove Wrap: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

For the then-six-year-old Gavin Batarse, innovation followed on account of necessity. In January 2022, the young man received a new baseball glove that needed breaking in. Normally, the family would use conventional methods to do so. They would break into the rigid glove by placing a baseball inside the leather contraption and winding numerous rubber bands around its exterior. After a while, the structure would yield to the pressure and force of the rubber bands. Incidentally, Gavin and his family couldn’t find enough rubber bands the day they purchased a new baseball glove.

After his father Jon Batarse, urged him to find another solution to the issue, the Orange County native decided to think outside the box. He suggested they could use one giant rubber band instead of fifty or hundreds of them. Albeit struck by the unique idea, Jon first decided to look up such an example on the internet but couldn’t place anything of the sort. This simple suggestion then turned into a meticulous process where the Batarses would test and try out a variety of methods to make this idea a reality.

From using various materials to cutting them into different shapes and sizes, the family put their heads together to create the proper combination that would lay their issues to rest. After finally obtaining the right prototype for breaking into baseball gloves, the family decided to give their innovation a go. The final result yielded a sheet of latex-free rubber that could be wound tightly around a glove and left tucked in overnight. By the next morning, this contraption would provide just the broken-in feel players need to participate in a game.

Next, Jon took the lead in creating a comprehensive marketing plan and overlooked the logistics. Similarly, Jon’s elder daughter, Morgan, began overlooking the operations of their self-explanatory brand. Besides streamlining operations, the family also reached out to schools and little leagues in their vicinity, who readily accepted and adopted this new technology. It wasn’t long before the power of social media helped the Batarses catapult their product into the national spotlight.

GW Glove Wrap: Where Are They Now?

GW Glove Wrap has created the perfect solution for athletes. By taking away the traditional and time-consuming methods of breaking in gloves, the company has gained an incredible following. It continues to scale its growth under the leadership of the Batarse clan. In addition to appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ and displaying the unbridled capacity of innovation, the company is also exploring other avenues of success. The brand has managed to gain an incredible following online.

With thousands of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, GW Glove Wrap has appealed to hockey, softball and baseball players of all ages. After Gavin’s video of handing the glove wrap to professional baseball players went viral, the feedback on the product has continued to heighten. As the company continues to grow, it has also gained the admiration of players from Tee Ball to Pros. Most recently, Gavin handed his product to Angels players Mike Trout, Brett Phillips and Eduardo Escobar. His zeal for baseball also led Warstic, a premier gear and apparel store, to send him a baseball bat. In addition, the Batarses are avid baseball fans and recently attended the Little League World Series Championships.

Not just this, he also handed out the company’s signature product to Los Angeles Dodgers manager David Roberts. GW Glove Wrap products are now available on their official website. Now, the eight-year-old Gavin hopes to scale the production and distribution of his product and ensure its availability across numerous platforms. Besides gaining media visibility and renown, the product has allowed the family to spend more time with each other. Naturally, we await all the great milestones that lie in the company’s future.

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