Gypsy Sisters: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

TLC’s ‘Gypsy Sisters’ is a spinoff of the beloved ‘My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.’ The reality show follows a group of Romani women who navigate their personal lives and familial connections day by day while trying to find their own way of celebrating their culture and traditions. Given its stellar cast, it is no wonder that the show has several fans, with people eager to know more and more about their current whereabouts. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Nettie Stanley is Focusing on Family Today

Nettie Stanley remained a prominent part of the show for all of its four seasons. As of writing, she is still married to her third husband, Huey Stanley. However, in January 2023, the two were apparently taken into custody in West Virginia for conspiracy and fraudulent schemes. The bail for the two was set at $13,000, and according to legal records, they were bonded out on January 19, 2023. The parents of 9 celebrated their 19th anniversary in September 2022.

Mellie Stanley is Navigating Motherhood and Past Issues

We are moving on to Mellie Stanley, the self-proclaimed “black sheep” of the Stanley family. Over the years, the reality TV star has been part of several legal issues. In December 2017, she was arrested in Lexington, Kentucky, for theft by deception, criminal possession of a forged instrument, and unlawful access to a computer. This particular case also involved her ex-husband George Lee. The two were accused of being involved in a coupon scam worth $18,000 against Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us. Mellie was arrested in Indiana in March 2018 for similar charges filed against her in Tennesse. Still, the charges were dropped three months later.

As Mellie pled guilty to theft by deception and criminal possession of a forged instrument in April 2019 while in Fayette County, Kentucky, she was put on probation and avoided prison. Since then, she seems to be thriving and has actively embraced her role as a mother. Her daughter, Serenity-Faye, was born in March 2020. Apart from the adorable girl, Mellie is also the mother of Richard Stanley, Brandy’Wyne Picolo, and Divinity Lee.

Joann Wells Prefers to Stay Low-Key Now

Since her July 2014 arrest in regard to a Target scam worth about $14,700, Joann Wells does not seem to have had trouble with the law again. The reality TV star’s legal trouble was covered in the show as well. Though a warrant was issued in her name, she turned herself in and later posted bail. Though she does not seem to be active on social media in the past few years, we are sure that she is giving it her all to have the best life possible.

Sheila “Kayla” Williams is Engaging with Fans on Social Media

Sheila “Kayla” Williams seems to be living her best life as of writing. The reality TV star lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with her husband and children. In September 2019, she shared the news of how her then 1-year-old grandson had to be admitted to hospital due to second-degree burns from a mishap. Naturally, her admirers and loved ones offered their support during such a turbulent time. Presently, Kayla is quite active on social media and even has a Cameo account through which fans can request a personalized video, a business video, or a simple message for certain prices. Additionally, she has over 155 thousand followers on Instagram and often partners up with various brands for paid sponsorship.

Angela “Annie” Malone is Enjoying Motherhood

Following her time on the TLC show, Angela “Annie” Malone found herself in legal trouble in January 2017. She, along with Jeanette Small and Dick Cooper, had apparently performed yard work for an elderly in Halifax County, North Carolina, and were accused of overcharging their client by $6,000 using a black check that was provided to them. According to reports, Annie’s bail was posted by Mellie and amounted to $400. Since then, she has continued to live her best life as a mother of five beautiful daughters. Additionally, she has more than 69 thousand Instagram followers, which certainly lends well to her continued fame.

Dovie Carter is Maintaining Privacy and Peace

Featured in season 4 of the TLC series, Dovie Carter certainly gained the admiration of the public with her peacemaking ways. Nettie, Mellie, and Joann’s sister may not have been as prominent a part of the show as others, but that did not stop her from gaining fans. However, at present, she seemingly prefers to keep the details of her personal life private, but we are optimistic that she continues to live a happy and peace-filled life.

Laura Johnston is Living a Content Life Today

Laura Johnston, now known as Laura Stanley, was a prominent part of the show’s first season. She and her husband, Gus Stanley, have three daughters, Savannah, Hailey, and Bella. The reality TV star is quite active on TikTok, and often posts lip-sync videos, some of which even feature her children. The family seems to be thriving as of writing, and Laura herself appears to be content in her life.

Sheena Small is Focusing on Family in Tennessee

Though only featured in season 2 of the show, Sheena Small created a huge impact during her on-screen time. Following the release of season 3’s premiere episode, an online feud started between her and Nettie, with the former using quite strong language. Earlier, Sheena had explained that she would not be continuing the show as the series is primarily based in Virginia while she lives in Tennessee with her four girls, Shakira, Shania, Shirley, and Frankie, whom she had with Henry, Mellie and Nettie’s brother.

Dallas Nichole Williams is Running an Earring Business Today

As of writing, Dallas Nichole Williams lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The reality TV star seems to have her own business of earrings and seems to enjoy her role as a mother to Demi, Richard, London, Aaron, Archie, and Huey. Overall, Dallas seems quite content in her life, and we wish her the very best for her future. In 2016, she started a relationship with James Malone though that seemingly ended quickly.

Nettie “Nuckie” Williams is Growing a Family with Partner Pookie

Nettie “Nuckie” Williams seems to be still in a relationship with Pookie. The two have three children together as of writing. Their first child, Prince Henry, was born after they had been first married and before Netti had left him. The two later reconciled and welcomed their second child Ivory in November 2017. This was followed by Delilah’s arrival in 2019. We wish the family the very best and hope they are doing well in their lives.

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