Hallmark’s A Holiday in Harlem: Filming Locations and Cast Details

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Directed by Keith Powell, ‘A Holiday in Harlem’ is an enticing festive-themed romance drama film in the roster of Hallmark Channel. The feel-good Christmas-themed treat is part of the channel’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ schedule. The movie follows an opulent executive Jazmin Carter, who is compelled to visit her childhood home in Harlem when her grandmother, Mama Belle, turns down her Christmas present. However, following Mama Belle’s sudden injury, Jazmin’s stay in the neighborhood is prolonged.

Jazmin even agrees to co-chair the annual Christmas Jamboree with her old best buddy Caleb. Jazmin, who has made it big professionally, thinks organizing the event is a piece of cake. But soon, she realizes that she still has things to learn about herself and her community. The bittersweet comedy is infused with a suburban celebratory spirit, and the neon-lit Harlem setting lends the movie its ubiquitous charm. So, if you are curious about the locations seen in the film and the cast ensemble, you may bank on us to know more.

A Holiday in Harlem Filming Locations

‘A Holiday in Harlem’ was filmed in the state of Connecticut. After approximately fifteen days of filming, production for the movie finally wrapped up by the end of September 2021. Although the film is set in Harlem, a place in Connecticut stands in for the neighborhood. Connecticut is a coastal state in the southern New England region of the US. It also has an elaborate tax credit program in place to aid independent and large-scale productions. In 2021, not one or two, but a total of five Hallmark Christmas movies were filmed in the state! Let us now get into the details of where the movie was shot.

Hartford, Connecticut

The movie was filmed in its entirety in and around Hartford, the capital of Connecticut. The crew toured extensively around the city and took meticulous care to hide all the location markers. A memorable scene takes place in New York’s 125th Street subway station. But this was actually filmed at the Hartford Union Station, a major railroad junction situated at 1 Union Place in the city.

Brownstone substitutes were crafted to give the Hartford houses a semblance to the New York City district of Harlem where the cinematic story unfolds. The production team took the utmost care to give the tree-lined streets a festive makeover. In turn, Hartford residents got a taste of Christmas in Fall!

The city of Hartford is known for its museums, old Victorian-style estates, and a thriving art and culinary culture. The city serves as the setting of several Christmas movies, including the 1945 classic ‘Christmas in Connecticut.’ According to sources, some scenes for the Hallmark production were also filmed in a few neighborhoods of East Hartford, a bordering town.

A Holiday in Harlem Cast

In the lead cast of the Hallmark movie, ‘The Little Things’ famed Olivia Washington plays the role of Jazmin opposite Will Adams, who portrays Caleb. Among other prominent cast members, Tina Lifford (Mama Belle), John Earl Jelks (Thomas), Opal Alladin (Barbara), Jill Knox (Catrina), Layla Capers (Jae), and Santana Jackson (Eli) take up various roles. Also appearing in numerous supporting roles are Dorcas Sowunmi (Len), Michael James Scott (Mickey), Johnnie Mae (Earlene), Eric Scott Ways (Kwame), dL Sams (Coach Armstrong), Teren Carter (Sam), and Michelle Liu Coughlin (Aimee Jacobs).

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