Where Was Halloweentown Filmed?

Duwayne Dunham’s Disney Channel classic ‘Halloweentown’ follows the story of the Piper children as they learn that their mother and grandmother are both secretly witches and discover their own magical powers. Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie never get to celebrate Halloween like the other kids because their mother Gwen won’t allow it. The kids fail to understand why their mom is so against Halloween. When their Grandma Aggie arrives, she tells them stories about a spooky land called Halloweentown, where mystical and magical creatures all live together in peace.

One night, Marnie overhears her mother and grandmother arguing about Marnie being raised as a normal human instead of a witch. When Grandma Aggie leaves for her home, of course, the kids all follow her sneakily and enter the real Halloweentown. There are vampires, witches, and monsters who keep disappearing from Halloweentown, leading Aggie to believe that something spooky is afoot. When Gwen realizes her kids are all gone, she follows them all to Halloweentown.

Together, Aggie, Gwen, and the kids discover the evil plot of a fearsome villain and use their magical powers to defeat him. This 1998 classic stars Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly J. Brown, and Judith Hoag in leading roles. It’s always a great and fun watch around Halloween, especially if you have kids. Curious to know where ‘Halloweentown’ was filmed? Well, we have got your back!

Halloweentown Filming Locations

‘Halloweentown’ was shot in parts on sets constructed on soundstages, but most of the scenes were shot on location as well as in other areas in the state of Oregon. Here are the specific locations where the fantasy family film was filmed.

St. Helens, Oregon

St. Helens served as one of the major filming locations for ‘Halloweentown.’ Another famous movie to be filmed in this town is the enduring teen romance between an immortal vampire and his human muse, ‘Twilight.’

Beaverton, Oregon

Some scenes of ‘Halloweentown’ were also filmed in the city of Beaverton in Washington County, Oregon. Apart from this spook-fest, a lot of films have been shot in Beaverton, and Sean Penn’s ‘Into The Wild’ is one of the many.

Portland, Oregon

Grandma Aggie’s home in Halloweentown was filmed in the city of Portland. The exact location where this movie was filmed is 3814 SE Martins St, Portland, Oregon. Portland has also been the chief filming location for several other films and TV shows like ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and ‘Into the Wild,’ among others.

Scappoose, Oregon

The Cromwell House, where Gwen and the kids live in the mortal realm, is located in the city of Scappoose in Columbia County, Oregon. Filming of several scenes exactly took place at 33244 Southwest Sequoia Street, Scappoose, Oregon.

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