Where is Hanna Filmed?

On-screen spy characters have been criticized for being 1) typecast and 2) unrealistic. For starters, there are few female spy movies but fortunately, that trend has been changing. Next, most spies seem to be unrealistically skilled and/or lucky. Just think of the teenage spy, Alex Rider in 2002’s ‘Stormbreaker.’ Amazon’s ‘Hanna‘ is an exciting action series that subverts many of these tropes through its depiction of a feral, teenage girl assassin.

For starters, the titular protagonist is depicted to be a fifteen-year-old-girl, similar to the teenage Alex Rider. However, unlike Rider, her skills are more believable. She is depicted to have been trained ever since birth by her father who is an ex-CIA agent. Apparently, her mother was part of a CIA program that enhanced the DNA of children in their mother’s wombs to make them super soldiers. However, Hanna’s father had fled with her mother. He has been raising her in a cave in Poland ever since, in hiding. However, when her location is discovered, Hanna is forced to flee for her very life.

The Amazon series is an adaptation of the 2011 movie of the same name. The titular character is essayed by Esme Creed-Miles while that of her father is played by Joel Kinnaman. Other cast members include Mireille Enos, Noah Taylor, and multiple others.

Hanna Filming Locations

‘Hanna’ is a truly globetrotting show. Its action is set in a variety of different places all over the world. After all, the protagonist is depicted to be on the run. Viewers have also enjoyed the visually appealing setting places that accompany such an on-the-move plot. Hence, it is natural for them to wonder where the Amazon original is filmed.


To begin with, several scenes of ‘Hanna’ were filmed in the country of Morocco. This is where some of the action on the show is set. Here, filming was carried out in Nador: a city which is very close to Spain and is a way several illegal immigrants try to cross to Europe. Here, the production had to be extra careful around robbers and thieves. However, reliable local crews were extremely helpful. Essaouira in Morocco also served as one of the filming locations for the show.


Apart from Morocco, several desert scenes in ‘Hanna’ were also filmed in Spain. In fact, many scenes set in Morocco were also filmed in Spain. The Tabernas desert in Almeria was utilized widely for filming purposes. Several Hollywood productions like ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade‘ have been shot here.

Filming was also carried out in the port of Almeria which was the most challenging part of the Spanish shoot. This is because security was extremely tight in the region. Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park was also used as a filming location.

Other Locations

Filming was also carried out in a bunch of different places all over Europe. For instance, scenes set in Poland were actually filmed in the Tatra mountains in Slovakia. Next, a lot of the scenes set in the city were actually filmed in Budapest. A scene in the third episode of the first season was filmed in Budapest Stock Exchange Palace in Liberty Square, for instance. According to local sources, filming was also carried out in the UK, France, and Berlin. Have a look at some behind-the-scenes photos:


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