The Mole: Are Hannah Burns and Tony Castellanos Dating?

While its true love can strike at any time, no one ever expects it when they’re filming a reality competition series and constantly going against one another to win a massive cash prize. However, it has been known to happen, which is why the flirtationship between Hannah Burns and Antonio “Tony” Castellanos throughout Netflix’s ‘The Mole’ season 2 has intrigued so many. The fact they not only trusted one another in this game of strategy but also shared a few adorable moments of cuddles and kisses honestly made it appear as if they were seriously involved.

Hannah and Tony Bonded From the Get-Go

It was on day one itself that Hannah allied with Tony and Jennifer “Jenn” Dasilva after the inagraul challenge where they managed to secure $20,000, only to then have to say goodbye to the latter. They genuinely felt as if they had a connection, which is why they continued their association following the latter’s departure, but now it was also mixed with a lot of flirtation. This actually became evident when the first examination card came into play, with these two being the last people sitting to secure the same as the others watched the money they’d earned – $45,000 – drain down to $10,000.

In the end, though, it was Hannah who was the last one sitting as she managed to flirt and convince Tony to give up the spot for her, which he thought would be good for his play too. This duo then continued getting to know one another while also playing the game and being well aware there could only be one winner, driving Tony to even see Hannah’s pre-filming video to understand if he could really trust her.

It turns out that Tony felt like he could, leading them to get even more comfortable with one another; all the while, Hannah continued playing a lot more strategically. Even though they’d promised to share all the information they had, she kept one detail from him, only to then be heartbroken as the ensuing quiz led to his elimination. His open affection and her tears made it seem like they weren’t just flirting for the sake of the game and had indeed begun feeling something.

Hannah and Tony Don’t Seem to be Involved

Despite the fact Hannah and Tony seemed to have a great run together during the filming of ‘The Mole’ in Malaysia, it doesn’t appear as if they were able to maintain it in the real world. Neither of them has actually confirmed or denied this as of writing, yet their online platforms are a big indication of it – while she follows him, he doesn’t follow her, and there’s no other form of communication between them.

Whether it be casual likes on each other’s social media posts or deliberate comments, there is nothing that seems to connect Hannah and Tony at the moment. So, we can only assume that the former’s betrayal in the game, combined with the fact they’d have to be long-distance if they did begin officially dating, led them to call it quits before they could even begin – she’s an Arizona resident, whereas he’s a Florida native.

Hannah Burns is a Woman of Many Hats

Not only is Hannah the definition of beauty and brains, but she’s also a family-oriented fitness enthusiast with a passion for travel. In fact, while she professionally serves as a medical marketing consultant at Affordable Image Marketing Agency, she’s also a rising influencer whose social media platforms are a clear indication of her style and affinity towards overall aesthetics, fitness, as well as wellness.

We should also mention that while Hannah has already earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Arizona State University, she’s still enrolled in the institution pursuing a degree in law – it seems like she’d be done with it later this year. As for her interest in travel, whether it be states like California, Florida, plus New York or international spots such as Jamaica, Mexico, and Costa Rica, she has been everywhere over the past few years, making the most of her time plus youth.

Tony is a VIP Host and Fitness Fanatic

While Tony’s job is as a VIP Host in his native state of Florida, his one true love appears to be the gym – after all, he has admittedly been working out for over half his life. Even his Instagram is full of photos and videos of him showing off the muscles he has built through hard work, scattered amongst which are his other passions like travel and simply spending good, quality time with his friends as well as family.

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