Are Hannah and Tyler From Love Island UK Still Together?

Featuring stars from previous iterations of the show, the eleventh season of ‘Love Island UK’ is certainly an entertaining one. Also known as ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ this particular installment of the dating series gives some of the most beloved fan favorites a chance to find a perfect match. The connection that formed between Hannah Elizabeth and Tyler Cruickshank certainly seemed like one that fans could pin their hopes on if it was not for their early elimination. As such, the world cannot help but wonder if the two are still together.

Hannah and Tyler’s Time on the Show Was a Short One

Hannah Elizabeth entered the eleventh season of ‘Love Island UK’ on Day 1 and was paired with Anton Danyluk by public demand. The two did not seem averse to the arrangement, with Hannah even choosing to reunite with Anton during the first recoupling ceremony. However, things changed quite a bit after the entry of Tyler Cruickshank on Day 8. Given his past connection with Kaz Kamwi, Tyler chose to steal her from Luis Morrison, though this partnership did not last for long.

Though not in a rush to accelerate the process of finding her partner, Hannah did find herself gravitating towards Tyler. As such, when Tyler chose Hannah to be his partner during the second recoupling ceremony, people could not help but be surprised about it all, especially Kaz, wondering just what was going on. In fact, Hannah and Tyler even went on a date after they became an official couple, which upset Kaz, who was partnered with Chris Taylor at the time.

However, Hannah herself had started to feel like a third wheel in her her own couple. Given Tyler’s evident interest in Kaz, who seemed to be opening up to the idea of reconciling with him, Hannah could not help but wonder if Tyler would be able to be committed enough to her. The fact that Tyler confessed that he would like to have been with Kaz in an alternate reality certainly did not bode well for his budding relationship with Hannah.

Hannah and Tyler Have Separated

Not long after they started to pursue each other, Hannah Elizabeth and Tyler Cruickshank decided to call their budding relationship to an end. Following Tyler’s wishes regarding an alternate universe involving Kaz Kamwi, it was certainly evident that his connection with Hannah might not last for long. As such, the two chose to part ways, with Hannah empathetically stating that she did not want to get between the other two.

Tyler himself has stated that the split between him and Hannah was a mutual one. However, after her time on the show, Hannah appeared on ‘Chloe vs The World,’ a podcast hosted by Chloe Burrows, where she disagreed with Tyler’s claim. She added that Tyler had apparently still wanted to give their connection a shot, and it was she who called their connection to an end. That said, the two continue to follow each other on Instagram, suggesting that they now have an amicable bond. Hannah and Tyler did end up getting eliminated from the show thanks to the voting held amongst their fellow cast members, with the women choosing to evict Tyler while the men picked Hannah.

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