Hardcore Pawn: Where Are They Now?

TruTV’s reality series titled ‘Hardcore Pawn’ centers around the day-to-day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a pawnshop located in the 8 Mile Road corridor, in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The series opens a window to the world of Les Gold, the co-owner of the pawnshop, his son Seth, and his daughter Ashley.

Over its nine seasons, the show has succeeded in delivering a look at the intriguing pawn scene of the city, the lives of the employees at the shop, and the growth of the Gold family. The show concluded in 2015, so the viewers must be curious about the current lives of the cast. Here’s everything you need to know!

Where is Les Gold Now?

The co-owner of American Jewelry and Loan stores, Les Gold became a popular television figure due to his appearance in ‘Hardcore Pawn.’ After the conclusion of the show, Les appeared on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ to display his kitchen skills and ‘LeagueOne: In the Spotlight!’ Les also expanded his business after wrapping up the show. In 2019, Les expressed his wish to open more stores of American Jewelry and Loan in and out of Detroit. He added that he is not considering retirement at all. When asked about the chances of seeing ‘Hardcore Pawn’ on TV again, the television personality revealed that he is open to the idea.

In 2021, Les opened new pawnshops in Southgate and Lincoln Park, both cities in Wayne County, Michigan. Moreover, he has been an active presence – on behalf of the company – in charity events happening in Detroit, such as Wigs For Kids. Currently, Les is committed to the growth of his pawnshop chain and working tirelessly with his son Seth to enhance the family business that reportedly provides jobs to about 200 people.

Where is Seth Gold Now?

Seth Gold is the son of Les Gold and the co-owner and vice-president of American Jewelry and Loan. Ever since the show concluded, Seth has been focused on expanding the family business through innovative measures. In 2019, Seth and Les launched FastPawn in association with PawnMate Inc. Conceived by Seth, the online payment service helps renew loans or make loan/layaway payments digitally. The idea was to simplify pawn operations. Seth was also a part of the pawn business’ expansion into Southgate and Lincoln Park.

Seth also hosts a podcast named ‘Goldtone Podcast,’ where he and Les talk to celebrities from several fields. As far as his current relationship is concerned, Seth has kept it away from the spotlight. Nonetheless, he maintains a commendable presence in the public affairs of the city of Detroit. In 2018, he and his father contributed $10,000 to a pool of microloans for high school students aspiring to start their own businesses.

Where is Ashley Broad Now?

Ashley Broad is the daughter of Les Gold and sister of Seth Gold. Until the conclusion of the show, she served as the store’s head of the Jewelry department. But in 2015, she launched her independent online jewelry store named Pawn Chick Shopping which is now known as AshleyGold.com. She currently designs and produces hand-made jewelry for her store. In addition, Ashley does social media consulting through her firm AKB Consulting.

In addition, Ashley does a radio show titled Pawn Chick Radio, where she primarily talks about fashion. In 2020, Ashley accomplished a 35-lb weight loss through strict diet and exercise. Even though she is focused on her independent venture, she remains close to her family. Ashley is married to Jordan Broad and resides in Bloomfield Township, in Oakland County, Michigan.

Where is Joel ‘Big Joe’ Shannon Now?

Joel ‘Big Joe’ Shannon was the head of security at American Jewelry and Loan. He was arrested and eventually fired from the show for stealing scrap gold. Currently, Big Joe is running a truck and transportation company named Hi-Gear Transportation in Livonia, Michigan. He is living with his family which includes his wife Felice and children.

Where is Rich Pyle Now?

Rich Pyle served as the store manager of American Jewelry and Loan for 25 years. He had to leave the store after a dispute with Les despite apologizing for the same. After leaving the store and the reality show, Pyle appeared in National Geographic’s ‘Meltdown.’ As per sources, he then launched a clothing line named RPM Gear with Darren Hamilton.

Currently, Pyle is the host and executive producer of ‘Hole Nation,’ a sports and news show covering the sport of cornhole. He is also the drummer for the Detroit-based band Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway. Pyle is a regular presence in the music and cornhole scenes of Motown. He has seemingly chosen to keep his private life – especially his relationship status – hidden from the public eye.

Where is Fielding ‘Felix’ Teichman Now?

Fielding Teichman/Facebook

Fielding ‘Felix’ Teichman was a security employee at American Jewelry and Loan, who was part of the show until its sixth season. However, ‘Hardcore Pawn’ did not address Fielding’s departure from the series. Most people remember him for his long and thick beard. Following his exit from the series, he has chosen to stay away from the spotlight, barring a very minimal presence on social media. In 2016, Fielding moved to Austin, Texas.

Where is Bobby Janiec Now?

Bobby Janiec was a store employee at American Jewelry and Loan, who reportedly left the store in 2016. After the conclusion of the show, Janiec appeared in the car-centric reality series ‘Wrench Wars.’ Till 2021, he was the spokesperson of Bar’s Products Inc, a motor vehicle manufacturing company in Holly, Michigan. After leaving the company, Janiec became a freelance voice-over artist, streamer, and actor.

Janiec is a popular presence on TikTok and OnlyFans. Moreover, he is very active on Twitch, where he streams the games he plays. Besides, Janiec has an online merchandise store, where he sells mugs, hoodies, aprons, T-shirts, and water bottles among other things. It is evident that the streamer is particularly close with his grandfather, but he keeps most of his personal life under wraps.

Where is Carneal ‘Hook’ Stiger Now?

As seen on the show, Carneal ‘Hook’ Stiger is one of the security officials at American Jewelry and Loan. Hook used to team up with one of his colleagues to pull pranks on the customers, only to receive warnings for the same. He was part of the show’s cast until the 20th episode of season 8. It seems like Hook is not active on social media platforms and leads a life away from the spotlight. As per sources, he still lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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