Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 6 Recap: The Truth About Dylan Shakes

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Prime Video’s ‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter’ started with several mysteries, which all seemed so entangled that it didn’t look like anyone could find any answers related to them. With only two more episodes left in the season, we finally start to get some answers, but it also raises the stakes for the protagonists, leaving them with nothing but each other to support and protect. The protagonist of the story, Mickey Bolitar, ends up in a bind by the time this episode wraps up, making the audience wonder whether he will make it to the end. Will he find out what happened to his father and how the Bat Lady is related to it? SPOILERS AHEAD

Harlan Coben’s Shelter “Candy’s Room” Recap

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At the end of the last episode, we found Mickey and Rachel outside a shady-looking place where they ended up following Octoface. They stake out the place for a while, hoping that Octoface will emerge soon enough, but when he doesn’t, they are forced to drop it and chase other leads. When Mickey returns home in the morning, Shira hastily gets out of bed, which she shared with Hannah the previous night.

Mickey says that he has a feeling about his father, and he wants to exhume his body to be sure that he really is in the grave. Normally, Shira wouldn’t have agreed to such a demand, but she thinks about the last message Brad left her and broaches the subject with Hannah, who is in touch with the people who can do that. Shira also comes clean to Mickey about the fact that she bullied Brad to go inside the Bat Lady’s house and that when he came back, he was changed.

At school, Ema’s secret is outed, and she gets angry at Whitney for betraying her. She also discovers that Whitney is not who she said she was. She cares so much about her account on uDOu that she bought her first 50k followers. This means she lied to Ema about her personality as well, and that’s not something Ema can get over. Meanwhile, Hannah tells Ken that she wants a divorce. She also tells Shira that she wants them to be together.

Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 6 Ending: Is Dylan Shakes Alive?

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While looking into the disappearance of his classmate Ashley, Mickey came across something similar that happened 27 years ago. A young boy named Dylan Shakes mysteriously disappeared and was never found again. Since then, Mrs. Friedman has been arranging a memorial service every year, and this year, Mickey gets to attend it. Some other unexpected people also attend it. Mickey notices Dr. Kent in the crowd and chases after him to talk to him about what happened to Dylan Shakes. Meanwhile, Mrs. Friedman catches up with Dylan’s father. Both sides reveal what happened to Dylan.

Mickey and Co had figured out that Dylan’s father was abusive and that the boy often went to the hospital with broken bones. The last time he went to Dr. Kent was when his father burned his one eye with his cigarette. Dylan went to the Bat Lady to ask for help. She took Dylan to Dr. Kent but knew she couldn’t send the boy back home. If she did, his father would kill him someday. So, she arranged for Dylan to disappear without a trace.

Mickey discovers what happened to Dylan and realizes the boy has been around them all along. It is the mysterious man with the sunglasses who always accompanies the Bat Lady. This is why the man never takes off his glasses, because he has a scar on his eye. When Mickey confronts him about it, the man confirms everything. He also reveals that Mickey’s father, Brad, was the one who introduced him to Bat Lady, and together, they worked for years to help children in need. Ashley was one of them.

Later, Mrs. Friedman shows up at Bat Lady’s house to ask her about what happened with Dylan. It turns out that Mrs. Friedman wanted to adopt Dylan but was warned by Lizzie that his father would never let him go. In the end, Lizzie comes clean to Mrs. Friedman about what she did, and the man with the sunglasses comes forward. He thanks Mrs. Friedman, who is ecstatic to discover that Dylan is alive and well.

Does Mickey Die?

After talking with the grown-up Dylan at his memorial, Mickey goes back to the shady club where he and Rachel had followed Octoface the previous night. Even though he was warned not to go there without a plan, that is exactly what Mickey does. There, he asks around about Ashley and meets a girl named Candy. She reveals that she and Ashley have known each other for a long time. They are practically sisters. Candy knows Mickey because Ashley showed her his picture. She tells Mickey that there is nothing they can do to save Ashley anymore. She has been captured and sold to some rich man who can do with her as he pleases.

Mickey is horrified to discover what the future has in store for Ashley and decides to save her himself. Candy directs him towards the dungeon where Ashley is being held, though she warns Mickey that breaking in won’t be easy. It turns out to be true when the people at the club find Mickey, and they beat him. They reveal that Mickey knows too much about their operation, and they cannot let him leave alive. As they are about to kill him, a woman, who might be their leader, shows up and tells them to leave, saying she’ll do the deed herself.

Once the men are gone, the woman reveals that she is Abeona and she’s there to help Ashley, but Mickey needs to leave. She shows him the way out but asks if the rumors about his father being alive are true. He says that his father is dead. When he comes out of the club, the men are waiting for him. Abeona reveals that she just wanted to know if Brad was still alive. Now that she knows he is dead, she can get rid of Mickey. The men take Mickey to the beach, but he runs away before they can kill him.

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