Where is Harry from Too Hot To Handle Today?

Netflix’s new reality dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ has seen many couples struggling to form emotional connections with each other. While it was a misery for most of them, Harry, the youngest lad of the group, developed feelings for his lady love very soon. What started as an attraction turned into something more. Harry was successful in forming a deep bond, but he also did not abstain from sexual activities. He was guilty of breaking the rule of the ‘sex-ban’ many times! But he did find success in the end by not only winning a piece of the prize money but also by having his woman by his side.

Who is Harry Jowsey?

The 23-year-old tall and handsome Australian Harry Jowsey, who stands at 6’5, is already a reality TV star. A model and fashionista, he was the winner of ‘Heartbreak Island’ 2018. It was a dating show based in New Zealand and he managed to take home a cheque of $100,000. He and his then-girlfriend split the cash prize and decided to go their separate ways a few days after the show ended.

Harry’s journey on ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is a rollercoaster ride. He falls for Francesca the first time he sees her. He makes a bold move by kissing her on the very first day, but luckily she likes it! After a hot makeout session, the couple breaks the ‘sex-ban’ rule by kissing again on the second day! Scared to bear the brunt of his actions, Harry claims that Francesca is to be blamed for the prize fund deduction as she is the one who initiated the kiss.

Harry instantly regrets his immature behavior and feels Francesca slipping out of his fingers. Feeling ignored, guilty, and defensive, he gets jealous when he sees Francesca spending time with Kelz. He even tries to crash their date but walks away eventually. He realizes that he cares deeply about her. But, his stubbornness and pride stop him from reaching out to her. Fortunately, Francesca reaches out to him and the two patch up.

Harry and Francesca since then enjoy a great connection. Their relationship is filled with trust, honesty, loyalty, and understanding. The duo breaks the rule four times, though. They cost the group about $32,000 as they are the only couple to have intercourse on the show. They are given a chance to earn that money back in the finale, which they do!

Where is Harry Now?

Harry splits his time between Australia and the US. After the filming wrapped up, the couple might have spent some time together by visiting each other’s hometowns. Harry and Francesca still seem to be dating. They might have been in a long-distance relationship before, but it seems like they live together in Los Angeles whenever they fly down for work. Harry has been traveling and taking up modeling assignments. He is also a social media influencer. He owns a fashion label that sells quirky clothes and accessories. He models for the same on his Instagram page and many other cast members have promoted his brand on their accounts as well!


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