Are Heather and Ernesto From Dating Around Still Together?

Dating Around‘ is a Netflix original series that follows a single individual going on five blind dates so as to find a person with whom they can connect to on a deeper level. Putting the quantity over quality rule into effect, in each episode, the series has a singleton navigate the flirtations and fails of their dates and find a match worthy enough to warrant a second date.

Season 2 of the series, just like season 1, showed us the experiences of six such single individuals, but this time, they were all based in the city of New Orleans. Out of these six, one was Heather Rose. In episode 4, we saw her equation with Ernesto go from 0 to 100, which made her pick him for the second date. Curious? Read on!

Heather and Ernesto: Dating Around Journey

The 26-year-old woman was described by her friends and family as a romantic at heart who was hurt terribly in the past. Because she tends to keep her guard up now, she is looking for someone patient and understanding, and someone who would let her be herself but also listen to her and understand her. After being single for more than 4 years, Heather is finally ready to open up her heart again, so, she ventures out and goes on dates with Ernesto, Trumen, Deavhon, Montrell, and Lawrence.

Ernesto, the New Orleans native, had the fact that he was Latino and living with his parents right now in common with her. The accomplished man – a Sales Executive for an international airline and the Chairman of Hispanic Young Professionals in New Orleans – impressed Heather with his confidence and persona from the get-go. Listening to her talking about her past, her creativeness, and her love for animals, he was extremely attentive and understanding of her feelings.

The self-proclaimed “weird girl” had immediately complimented Ernesto for the rasp in his voice and his fashion sense, but as soon as he gave her the fun fact of why her drink glass was shaped like a breast, their connection just blossomed. Plus, after dinner, when they found out that they both shared a love for ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Peaky Blinders,’ it was like they were a match made in heaven.

It was evident from the way he looked at her that he was as into her as she was into him, so when he asked if he could kiss her, Heather just couldn’t refuse. In the end, when she had to choose, she, of course, went with him for their second date.

Are Heather and Ernesto Still Together?

Unfortunately, their relationship status remains a mystery. Heather and Ernesto’s connection was something straight out of a rom-com, so we do hope that they are still together, or at least, still in touch as friends. Although active on their respective Instagram accounts, they have both done an amazing job in giving us no indication as to where they stand with each other right now.

While Ernesto posts about his family, his adventures, and missing traveling, Heather focuses on posting about her life as a makeup artist. She even has a YouTube channel where she lets her creative side take over and posts vlogs about her glam sessions and her experiences. As soon as we know anything about where they stand, we’ll let you know right here, but until then, be updated with all that they get up to on their respective social media platforms.

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