Are Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa Still Together?

When ‘Selling Sunset’ first came on our screens, we just assumed that it could be a dull reality show about real estate that sometimes showed us the lives of the women who worked at The Oppenheim Group. But, boy were we wrong, and thank god for that. Instead of just monotony and lavish homes, what we got was glamorous lifestyles and a ton of drama. Of course, the multi-million dollar mansions are still a big part of it, but most times, that’s on the backpedal. Personal relationships, like that of Chrishell and Justin, and between the group itself, is the main selling point of the series. Therefore, it’s no surprise that even though we didn’t see Tarek on the show, we got the scoop of his and Heather’s relationship.

Heather and Tarek: Selling Sunset Journey

Heather Rae Young and ‘Flip or Flop’s‘ Tarek El Moussa, met on the Fourth of July in 2019, soon after she had broken up with her hockey player boyfriend, Nick. Mutual friends and chance had brought them together to Newport Beach, California, that day, where their boats had happened to be docked side by side. When one of Heather’s girlfriends ended up on the boat that Tarek was on, she found herself there too, and then, it was love at first sight. As soon as they started talking, they both realized that they had a connection, so when Tarek proceeded to ask her out for drinks, she, of course, said yes!

By their second date, they were both “100% committed” to their relationship, and by their fifth, they had said “I love you” for the first time. On July 28, by being photographed kissing and cuddling on a yacht, they made their romance public. And, in early August, they confirmed their relationship to the world by posting about it on Instagram. Unlike most whirlwind romances, though, fortunately, theirs only picked up. Within a short while, Tarek introduced Heather to his kids from his previous marriage, and together, they became a family of their own.

What’s even better is that Heather also managed to form a civil relationship with Tarek’s ex-wife, Christina Anstead. A big part of this is the fact that she has stepped up to take care of their kids, and is ensuring that they were well cared and provided for, so much so, that she prioritized his daughter’s 9th birthday before work. Although Tarek’s living in Orange County did create some issues for the couple, that got solved when they decided to move in together. And, as we heard in Season 3, Heather is more than ready to take the next step with him.

Are Heather and Tarek Still Together?

Yes, they are! In fact, Tarek has made Heather’s wishes came true after all. As if buying Heather her dream car – a white, hard-top Ferrari convertible – for her 32nd birthday, or getting a place together in California wasn’t enough, after only a year of being together, Tarek proved just how much he loved and appreciated his girlfriend by getting down on one knee and proposing to her. He did this in an incredibly romantic setting; by the beach and surrounded by candles and flower petals. Heather had any idea. Of course, she knew that they were going to get engaged and married – they had talked about it and she had dropped hints – but it seems like she had no idea exactly when it was going to happen.

The couple isn’t shy about dishing all the details to us on Instagram either, so we know for a fact that Heather’s beautiful ring is an 8-carat diamond that was imported directly from Europe. Even Tarek has opened up to say that he had planned every little detail to surprise Heather and went above and beyond to make sure that it remained hidden. Honestly, we can’t wait to see how they move forward now. (Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Heather Rae Young)

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