Hee-jin and Jimi: The Love After Divorce Couple is Still Together

Revisiting the possibilities of love, Netflix’s ‘Love After Divorce’ chronicles the journey of ten divorced singles as they give relationships another chance. With little to no information supplementing their connection, the singles gravitate towards one another without any impediments. However, as details of their lives are uncovered, they start wondering if they can really put the past behind them wholeheartedly. Oh Jimi and Kim Hee-jin are two individuals whose whirlwind romance in the reality dating series has intrigued fans. So, if you’re also wondering more about the couple and their latest updates, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Jimi and Hee-jin’s Love After Divorce Journey

Hoping to overcome the past, Jimi and Hee-jin laid their hearts bare in the tropical paradise. Initially, the two explored prospective connections with other members of the house. While Jimi displayed an interest in Park Ji-su, Hee-Jin remained conflicted in her choices. However, things between Jimi and Hee-jin changed when they decided to pair together in the dance challenge. While the intimacy of a partner activity brought them together, Jimi didn’t take long and decided to pursue Hee-Jin wholeheartedly.

It wasn’t long before the duo began choosing each other for activities and grew closer. Not only this, but they even had the chance to go on several one-on-one dates. However, the chord of doubt still persisted between the two. Hee-jin had bonded with Dewey over their common Canadian roots. Similarly, Jimi also had a one-on-one date with Sora. While they tried to explore a prospective connection with other members, they ultimately decided that they had eyes just for each other. Even when the problem of long-distance arose, Jimi and Hee-jin quickly tackled the impediment.

In the finale, the duo realized their honest affection for each other and decided to walk away hand-in-hand. They continued to keep true to their commitment even after the cameras stopped filming. Before the reunion episodes, Jimi had flown from New York to Vancouver to spend time with Hee-jin. During this time, he even greeted her sisters. The reunion witnessed the duo flying off to South Korea on a romantic getaway. The couple traveled to Hwaseong-si and shared a meal with Hee-jin’s parents, who further advised them not to project their past into their present. They even advised them to take things at their own pace and progress slowly.

Are Jimi and Hee-Jin Still Together?

Yes, Jimi and Hee-jin are still together. Having discovered the vivacity of a genuine connection on the show, the two have continued to explore new avenues as a unit. After the cameras stopped filming, Jimi and Hee-jin remained steadfast in their resolve to grow as a couple. Since then, they have displayed their ever-evolving affection for each other in different ways. Besides gushing about each other on social media, they also try to ensure that long distance does not become an issue between them.

While Jimi works as the Head of Finance at a New York startup, Hee-jin is involved in the operational management of a food company in Vancouver. Given their flourishing careers, the possibility of relocating to another state still remains distant. However, the duo have ensured that they do not let distance become the sole factor in their relationship. From visiting each other repeatedly to embracing each other’s families as their own, the couple continues to make significant changes in their lives.

Most recently, Jimi and Hee-jin conducted an Instagram Live to talk about their lives and future plans. During the live, Hee-jin answered a fan question and confessed to visiting the States on vacation soon enough. Gratuitous for their journey on the show, Jimi has even shared a heartfelt evocation for his journey on the show. He wrote, “As many of you already know, I found love in Cancun (praise the Lord) and have been falling more in love with her each day for the past 7 months…Heejin has such a loving heart, and I am so lucky to have met her…” Given their heartfelt declaration of love, it is apparent that great things lay ahead. Naturally, we continue to await all the personal and professional milestones Hee-jin and Jimi will achieve in the future!

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