Love After Divorce Season 4: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Envisaging new possibilities, ten divorced individuals come together to explore the realm of dating once again in Netflix’s ‘Love After Divorce.’ The dating series chronicles the journey of the singles as they embark on dates and challenges. However, as the individuals continue to project the issues of their past relationships in the present, several exciting themes emerge. Since season 4 came to an end, fans have continued to wonder more about the reality stars and their whereabouts. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Are Jerome and Benita Still Together?

Albeit failing to find a connection at first, Jerome and Benita progressively neared one another throughout the series. Even when they hadn’t solidified their relationship, Benita still advised Jerome on how to seek a date with other women. By the end, the former musician candidly laid his cards on the table and told Benita to do what she felt best. Much to his surprise, Benita felt the same way. In the end, the couple didn’t just walk away hand in hand but also laid the foundation for their romance. While Jerome shared a meal with his girlfriend’s family, Benita spoke to Jerome’s mother online. Since leaving the show, the couple has continued to create new memories.

Not only do they gush about each other on social media, but they have also changed their profile pictures to those of their significant other. Along with their castmates, the duo has also appeared on the ‘DUMFOUNDEAD’ podcast. Gratuitous for the journey, Jerome even shared an Instagram post detailing the happiness he and Benita have found since then. In a heartfelt post, he wrote, “We are still together and still going strong! Team Jenita or Berome or DearBaby is still in effect! I didn’t know we would get all this love from y’all..I came on this show for one reason, and I have accomplished that…to find love!… .” Naturally, we look forward to all the milestones the duo will achieve in the future!

Are Hee-Jin and Jimi Still Together?

Despite taking things slow in the beginning, it was apparent that Hee-Jin and Jimi shared eyes just for each other. Even when they were divided into groups, the duo would somehow pick each other to do activities. Towards the end of the series, Hee-Jin and Jimi solidified their relationship. However, the menacing question of long distance still loomed between them. Nevertheless, the couple showcased their deep interest and loyalty towards one another by taking multiple strides as individuals. In the three-week break before the reunion, Jimi flew from New York to Vancouver to meet Hee-jin and spend time with her. During this time, he even greeted her sisters.

In the reunion episode, the couple traveled to South Korea to meet Hee-Jin’s parents. Despite sharing alternative views on marriage and the future, it seems like Jimi and Hee-jin are still besotted with one another. In a post shared on Instagram, Jimi showcased his heartful appreciation for what he’s found. He wrote, “As many of you already know, I found love in Cancun (praise the Lord) and have been falling more in love with her each day for the past 7 months…Heejin has such a loving heart, and I am so lucky to have met her…”

Are Ricky and Ha-rim Still Together?

Unlike their castmates, Ricky and Ha-rim let each other know their feelings from the very start. From stolen glances to deep conversations, the duo became the first solid couple on the show. Despite being parents and living in different states, Ricky and Ha-rim were confident that they could make things work. Even when the mother-of-three had a hard time sharing her life’s realities, Ricky lent her a supporting shoulder.

In the aftermath, the Investment Consultant flew from Los Angeles to Seattle to meet Ha-rim and her children. The reunion captured how Rickly blended into their little unit. Not just this, Ha-rim also flew to Los Angeles to acclimate to Ricky’s surroundings. Nevertheless, it seems that real life still became a lot for the duo. With their children as their top priority, Ricky and Ha-rim have since decided to split up.

The former took to his Instagram account to share the truth about their breakup. He wrote, “…We still love each other like family and care for each other deeply. We truly experienced one of the best relationships of our lives through the most unique beginning possible…” Since their parting, the duo has returned to caring for their children and focusing on their careers. While Ha-rim continues to work in Marketing and devote her time and energy to the upbringing of Zoden, Bella, and Reign, Ricky has also returned to living as a single dad with his son, Kei.

Are Dewey and Ji-su Still Together?

From teaming up together to sharing several moments of candor, Dewey and Ji-su managed to connect on several fronts. Time and again, Dewey and Ji-su gravitated towards each other and even went on several dates. However, till the end, the individuals couldn’t find anything that bound them together. Even so, a possibility arose once again when Dewey and Ji-su went to Jerome and Benita’s house party. Benita jokingly hinted that they could start something once again.

However, romance is not on the cards for the two individuals. Since the show, Dewey and Ji-su have decided to remain friends and nothing more. Despite failing to create a long-lasting connection, they are still exploring new avenues of success as individuals. While Dewey continues to create remarkable progress as a Senior Engineer at Activision Blizzard. The former Microsoft employee who also helped develop ‘Call of Duty’ is a music enthusiast, too. Similarly, Ji-su is also creating strides in her career. The television personality continues to attain tangible changes by practising Labor Law.

Where is Tom Choi Now?

Initially, Tom wanted to explore a possible connection with Ha-rim. However, when the latter rejected him on account of respect for Ricky, the hedge fund specialist decided to pursue someone else. In the end, he had hoped to find a connection with Benita, who was also torn. Alas, that didn’t work out either after Benita decided to choose Jerome instead. Despite walking away single from the season, Tom has continued to accelerate in life. Since his appearance on the show, he has been focusing on his work and personal life. He’s a proud father and regularly shares snippets of his time with his twin sons, Luca and Remi. In addition, he is also a YouTube creator and a fitness enthusiast. When he’s not sharing content on health and fitness, he likes to talk about the vitality of meditation and mental health. As the Management Partner of an Investment firm in Las Vegas, Tom continues to climb the ladder of success.

Where is Lee Sora Now?

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Sora was confident that she could find someone to connect with during her time on the show. Alas, she failed to find the connection she had anticipated. Nevertheless, her journey on the show has awarded her friends, whom she cherishes to this day. Besides finding happiness with her friends, the television personality also loves spending time with her son, Jackson. The MBA graduate is steadfast in her resolve to achieve unbridled success. Having worked with Meta as Product Marketing Lead in the past, Sora’s work has been instrumental in many ways. In the past, she had taken the Lead in choosing and formulating the logo for Netflix Korea. She is currently working with TikTok as the Global Head of Product Marketing. Naturally, great things await the young professional!

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