Jerome and Benita: The Love After Divorce Couple is Happy Together

Entertaining the possibilities of second chances, ten divorced individuals gather in a scenic location to find forevermore once again in Netflix’s ‘Love After Divorce.’ The dating series chronicles the highs and lows of brewing romance and past heartbreaks. Isolated from the world, the singles question their compatibility with individuals they know nothing about. Jerome and Benita are two individuals who unexpectedly gravitate towards one another. Given their whirlwind romance on the show, fans have continued to wonder more about the couple. So, if you’re also curious and want to know the latest update, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Jerome and Benita’s Love After Divorce Journey

Unafraid to explore the possibility of love again, Jerome To and Benita Kim felt that divorce doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong. While Jerome’s divorce from his ex-wife in entertainment was far from a sad occasion, Benita had decided to separate from her husband of six years due to cultural differences that seemed to threaten their relationship. Initially, Jerome and Benita tested the waters by speaking with different members. On the one hand, Jerome was struggling to find dates, and on the other, Benita was confused and felt that it was difficult to discern compatibility so fast.

Nevertheless, the duo enlisted their concerns and the kind of person they hoped to meet. While Jerome sneakily managed to win over Benita, the latter wasn’t easily swayed. However, as time passed, their comical disposition complemented each other. Not only did they enjoy multiple dates, but they also managed to create significant moments. Even when Benita shared her concerns about dating someone who’s been in the public realm, the former musician jokingly suggested that they could break up here and reconnect outside. In the end, Benita chose against the what-ifs and decided to walk away with Jerome.

In the reunion episodes, not only did Jerome and Benita share domestic bliss, but they also showcased their growing affection for one another. At their initial date, Jerome had candidly shared how he could sometimes be short-tempered. However, the former didn’t get angry even when Benita mistakenly got hair dye in the middle of his face. Instead, he laughed at the comical situation and continued to create memories with her. Not only did he win Benita’s parents over, but he also introduced his paramour to his mother. In the end, the couple showcased that even in trying times, they could easily team up and find common ground.

Are Jerome and Benita Still Together?

From the get-go, Jerome and Benita shared the same nerves when it came to finding a prospective partner. However, it seems that the couple has overcome such trepidations and managed to map the road towards one another. Fans and readers will be happy to know that Jerome To and Benita Kim are still together and exploring the vivacity of their newfound attraction. Since leaving reality television, the duo hasn’t just connected on mutual interests but have also displayed an eagerness to know each other better. Throughout the series, Jerome and Benita made concentrated efforts to ensure that they were in tune with one another.

It seems that their mutual consideration has prolonged even after the cameras stopped filming. Reeling from their television appearance, the couple now enjoys various activities together. Based in California, Jerome and Benita aren’t just happy to kickstart their relationship but are also committed to growing professionally. While Benita overlooks the ins and outs of clothes manufacturing as a Manager, Jerome is focused on climbing the ladder of success as a Business Relationship Manager at a Fortune 500 Bank.

Besides going on dates, they have been enjoying spending time with their friends from ‘Love After Divorce.’  The platform didn’t just help them earn a relationship but also introduced them to numerous people. The couple regularly attend dinners and parties with their former cast-mates. Jerome and Benita have solidified their feelings for one another by going Instagram-official, too. The couple has since changed their profile pictures to those of their significant other.

Not just this, Jerome has even taken to his social media account to share his gratefulness for the show and for bringing him and Benita together. In a heartfelt post, Jerome wrote, “We are still together and still going strong! Team Jenita or Berome or DearBaby is still in effect! I didn’t know we would get all this love from y’all..I came on this show for one reason, and I have accomplished that…to find love!… .” Naturally, we look forward to all the milestones the duo will achieve in the future!

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